Got My First Letter Today!

So yea got my first letter today :D
I was happy to see it only takes stuff 2-3 days to get here and there also I guess
But yea it was from this last saturday when he called me feeling bad :( so it was pretty much the same stuff but he did talk to the chaplin and his TI so maybe that helped. and he talked about how much he loves me and he does what he does for me and so that we can be together and to keep sending him letters because they help so much and he loves getting them :) it wasn't very long because it was lights out but none the less I was very happy to get it!

I hope things start getting better for him I want him to see that it gets so much better after basic

oh he also has sunburn on his head ouch! :(
laurenwheeler laurenwheeler
22-25, F
May 19, 2010