Hello! I'm New Here!

I just wanted to say hi, introduce myself, and tell you guys a little bit about my story.  I just found this website today and I absolutely love it!  I have been reading the posts on here all day!  My boyfriend left on May 11th to Lackland for BMT.  I have been researching about the Air Force soo much since he has been gone, which is how I found this site, which i'm so glad that I did!  We have only been dating for a little while, i'm not even exactly sure of the official date, we kind of just happened.. we will say 4 months for now. haha.
I love how supportive everyone is on this website and how everyone shares their own stories.  I was reading stories about first calls and letters today and I am so excited to get mine!  I look forward to sharing stories and information with all of you, through the super happy and the lonely times, I am glad that I found somewhere that I can come where everyone understands each others feelings :)
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About the letters, I sent one letter in one envelope every single day and 2 on mondays cuz the post offices aren't open on sundays. but I heard alot of other girls put more than one letter in an envelope to save stamps. They don't have that much time to read though so keep that in mind.

Well, at least I am not the only one who hasn't heard from my boy yet.. I hope both of them get to call soon! I did the same thing with the address call, and I told him to always call his mom before he called me.. She said that if she heard from him she would text me ASAP but she has not heard from him either.. They probably got the meanest TIs of the bunch, that would be just his luck ahha.

he is in flt 462...and i have not heard from him yet :( the night he got there he called his mom with the address (i told him not to call me that night cause i would prob be so happy to hear from him i couldn't write it down haha) but no letters or real phone calls yet. Crystal, another girl on here whose guy left same day, has already got a phone call. so long story short it all depends on what kind of TI they got. i really hope to hear from him soon cause i miss my man!!

MJlovesJC- That is cool that our guys are together! What flight is yours in? Mine is in 324 FLT 465..Have you heard anything from him yet? I nor his mom have gotten a letter or a phone call, we have not even gotten the graduation packet in the mail.. :/

haha, I hope so too! I was actually wondering something about the letters.. I have been writing everyday, but I am a poor college student so to save myself some money (stamps are crazy expensive!) I have been mailing like 3 or 4 letters per envelope.. Does anybody else do this or do you send a letter in the mail every single day? He won't get in trouble for this will he?

Hi I'm Renee. Welcome to the group :) This has got to be the most supportive usaf gf group out there. I love it! My boyfriend graduated BMT April 9th and I know what you're going through right now and it sucks. Just stay strong, write positive letters everyday, and stay busy. It gets better for both you and him. The ladies on here are great and help out so much. We're all here for each other :) I hope you gets lots of phone call and letters real soon.

hey- welcome to the group!! my finance' ,jordan, left the same day as your man. Its hard but sticking with him is so worth it. if you need anything just ask we are here for you