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Almost Thereee!

My guy's graduation is practically here! Ah I'm more than excited. I leave tomorrow for the drive down to San Antonio and I gotta say that I feel so lucky. I'm driving down with his mom who is the sweeeetest lady ever. She got us a hotel room with a kitchen so we could cook his favorite meal, homemade lasagna, and she's paying for everything including the gas for my car that we're driving in. Sighh.
So today I got a call from his local recruiter and apparently he had listed me as a contact. So I got asked a bunch of incriminating questions about his past that I tried to be vague on (my guy had fun in highschool, by all meanings of that word) so I basically lied to the guy. Questions like "What do you know about his familiarity with any illegal substances?" Welp he's clean now so why does it matter mister? I didn't say that. But I was wondering if any of you girls also got calls because you were listed as a reference?

So yes wish me luck! Two days until I see him :)
Jessamelia Jessamelia 18-21, F 4 Responses Jun 8, 2010

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yeah now that I think about it my guy's occupation will be learning a foreign language and interpreting messages and secret stuff like that :P makes sense they'd want to know if their secrets are safe.

uh ohhh i hope i dont get that call from my bfs recruiter! i know im on his contacts and my bf is doing op intel which i know has some serious background checks. i gotta ask my bf what hes said! lol even though hes a pretty good kid:)<br />
i leave tomorrow too woooo hooo!! long awaited!

Have fun! Keep us updated when you get back :)

Congrats on making it! and good luck!<br />
Hmmmm that's strange about the recruiter calling, I've never heard of that but maybe somebody can explain for us :)