Another Call!!! (im Feeling Sooo Lucky!!)

He called me again today right after he had dinner!!!! I have been having such a great week after I got his first letter and I was assured I really really loved him and he loves me back! This time we talked for 16 minutes or so... It was great! Talking about everything and nothing at the same time was wonderful! I can tell he misses me as much as I do. He said he takes about an hr everyday just to write to me. I cannot believe its gotten so much better compared to the first three days since he left to basic. He told me about how close the guys are and they support each other and they share their stories with each other. He said most of them spend time talking about how great we are :) :) Same as we do here! 

He told the guys about this website and now the guys want the link to send to their gfs so that they can be part of this experience as well! 

I am so excited! He said he sent me a 9-page front and back letter split up in two envelopes because they didnt all fir together. I love my airmen and im so proud of all our bfs/husbands :)
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:D thank you sooo much!! Honestly yeah like its incredible! I can tell he loves me sooo much :) thank you ♥ and best of luck to you and your airman :)

yay i am so happy for you!!! omg 2 phone calls your a lucky girl and a 9 page letter! wow you are really something special to him