Why Didnt I Find This Website Sooner?

My name is Jess and I have been with my boyfriend Ian for a little over a year. He's a firefighter back home as well as one in the Air Force. He left for basic on may 11th (my birthday) and he graduates July 8th. Im so excited from the day we met again, we never spent a day apart and we live together so our place is so lonely by myself. I honestly didnt think it would be this hard but I'm getting used to it, he called once on may 28th and that was my only call. Id love to make some new friends because my friends all deserted me and one actually compared my boyfriend going to basic to her long distance relationship with her boyfriend that she sees in college when school is in session, who lives in albany which is about 4 hours away, sorry but when did being a cashier at a grocery store become dangerous? and being about to call whenever you want become sooo terrible? he is 326 TRS/FLT 462 just as an fyi :)
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hello =) i just now read this and i know im a little late.. but i wanted to introduce myself. my boyfriend is also in the air force for firefighting and he has been a firefighter for 5 years before joining. he just completed basic on may 28th. and he is currently at goodfellow for tech. if you have any questions or just feel like talking let me know. <br />
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ps. me and my one best friend stopped talking when matthew left too. because she also compared her "long distance relationship" that was her boyfriend being 1 hour away and he is now living with her to matt being gone for basic. she actually had the nerve to say that my situation was better cause i didnt have to talk to him on the phone. i got letters.. REALLY?? but yeah needless to say i told her that i needed support through this, and i got none. so i just stopped talking to her. oh well. my true friends have been there through it all. i guess it just helped me see who the 'true" ones were.

Hey girl, welcome to the site! These girls are amazing and helped me through my boyfriend's time at BMT and we'll help you too :) <br />
I know what you mean about your friends not knowing how you feel or being supportive. I went to the gym with my best friend Karlee while Jason was away and mentioned how much I missed him. Karlee said, "Yeah, I miss Nate (her boyfriend) all the time. It sucks being away from him for 8 hours while I'm at work." and I thought "You LIVE together!! Don't talk to me about missing your boyfriend when you get to see him, hug him and kiss him anytime you want!" <br />
Don't be frustrated and keep your eyes on the prize. He'll be finished soon and we're behind you every step of the way! You can always find some of us on Facebook too; my account is under Alison Beddia.

Thanks! Yeah i cannot believe I didnt find this site sooner, for the most part I sit at home with our dogs and they make me so happy but I've found myself talking to them (no i'm not crazy) because I miss him so much. I can hardly go to the grocery store anymore because he is stubborn and only likes certain foods so I would pass those and almost break down in the cereal aisle (ha-ha). But the support from you girls has been great, and Im so thankful (and jealous of the girls who get calls once a week)

Hey girl! My boy left on the same day and I have also only gotten one phone call on that same day! As I was reading this I thought that they HAD to be in the same flight, but mine is in 324 TRS/FLT 465, so close, but not haha. The phone thing SUCKS, I know, but just think.. they are going into week 5 today and we are 3 weeks away from seeing them and hugging and kissing them and telling them how proud we are of them!<br />
As for your friends, well, we will be your friends! (haha i'm really not as dorky as I sound). But really, this site is AWESOME for support, I have found advice and kind words for every problem or exciting event that I have posted!

That's awesome that you had that kind of support from his friends at the firehouse. I've been going through my bf's 8 and a half weeks pretty much alone. His parents and I don't get along to well and my best friend dated a guy in the air force who turned out not to be a good guy so I cant really talk with her about anything and those who aren't going through having someone in the military just don't understand lol but I've made it through :) almost at least. 10 days left!!!

Because i kept a group of close friends and well one got into drugs one got a boyfriend and the other one constantly complains about her boyfriend being away (the one who lives in albany) so I distanced myself from her because i would end up more angry, the only ones who have been there for me are the boys at his firehouse, they really took care of me and wouldnt let me be sad so i wouldnt be home alone

My bf left right after my b-day. I understand about being lonely in your own home. Although me and my airman didnt live together he spent 4 days a week with me. The scarcity of calls suck and I wish I could tell you they come more often but they really dont lol why did all your friends desert you? if you dont mind me asking?