Letters, Picture Requests And Sadness

Today is the second day in a row I've gotten a letter from Trav in the mail.   It's both exciting and upsetting.  I miss him so much and he sounds like he's caught between having a lot of fun, being very stressed and missing me a lot.  He's upset that I haven't been writing (I wasn't writing much because I felt like if he wasn't going to have time to read my letters it was kind of a tease) and he really, REALLY wants me to send pictures.

So, my question is ladies, what kind of pictures did you send your Airman?  I'm not sure what to send him.  I have some pictures of he and I, but I doubt he wants a picture of himself, so what kind of pictures of yourself did you send your guy?

Help me out, my fellow ladies! 
sarahmayy sarahmayy
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5 Responses Jun 22, 2010

When he left, i have him a bunch of pictures of just me... and now ive been sending him pics of us to remind him of what a great, loving happy couple we make :) but he will love them all!

I sent him pictures of both of us and of just me. I also wrote on the back of the pictures because he said he didnt get to read my letters but was able to look at his pictures whenever he wanted so i would write sweet little pick me ups for when he down so he could look at the pictures and read about how much i loved him.

My boyfriend and i have two dogs together so I've sent him pictures of them doing stupid things and he would alwasy make fun of me for killing every plant in site but I actually grew a flower so I sent a picture to him of it. Just qwerky things that you know will make him smile but of course pictures of you are a must. I know that is really all my man wanted but sometimes he needs something else to think about other than you so I sent the other pictures in there as well.

Thank you, sweetie! I wasn't sure if he'd get made fun of for having a picture of he and I, so I wasn't going to go that route, but reminding him of how happy we are or a good memory is a good idea! Thanks!

My boyfriend loveddd the pictures I sent him .. he slept with them on his pillow every night lol. I sent pictures of just me because that's what he wanted then his mom sent pictures of us because she had some, so pictures together would be good too. I'd send both.. pictures of you and then pictures of you and him together :) He's going to love whatever you send, trust me lol. They love getting mail!