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My boyfriend and i have been together for 3 years now and he decided to join the airforce earlier this year. the most we were apart before he left was a week! Because of a lot of things going on at home during the time of his graduation from basic i wasnt able to make it so now we are going on 6 months!! && i must say these have been the hardest six months of my life! however i just found out i got the time off work and im leaving in two weeks to see him! i am so nervous and excited i dont even know how im going to react! heartsmiley

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Yeah at Sheppard he only has about 3 weeks left there then he goes to panama city for a month then hes coming home for two weeks :) & we just found out that he will be in Japan at Kadena for two years. <br />
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where is your boyfriend at right now???

I bet!!! where is he now?? at tech?

thanks :) i am so excited lol

OMG!!!! THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!! xD