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SO I think I've posted more on here in the past few days than the entire time he was in basic! lol. Anyways, he is now at tech school, and its hard because the cell reception at Sheppard SUCKS and atleast this week he is CONSTANTLY busy! But he will be in phase 2 on the 18th! So that will be tons better!

Anyways, the reason that I wanted to post this was just to share some things that my boyfriend told me on the phone tonight. I'm a girl.. and the jealous type.. so obviously I had to ask about the girls around on base. Well I was happy to know that girls cant even come on to his floor, let alone in his dorm lol. Thats always a plus. But what bothered me was that he said today in class there was this girl in the back of the room loudly advertising the fact that in the short time that she had been on the base so far she had already hooked up with 25 guys! UGH! Thank God he thought that this was totally disgusting. Actually he said that he really thinks that all the girls there are disgusting, but that the guys are pretty cool. I just couldnt believe that the girls there were like that! I mean I know that its not all the girls that are like that, but the fact that he said there are so many girls running around there that are... just makes me SO mad! What the heck??? Has anyone else heard anything like this?
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OMG Jason and I were just talking about this today! He had drill this weekend and one of the guys just got back from Tech at Sheppard. He was bragging to Jason and some other guys that girls at Tech are so easy and he hooked up with 24 women while he was away! <br />
Jason said, "Aren't you married?!" and this doucher was like, "Not anymore" and Jason said, "Well no sh*t since she found out." <br />
I was so proud that he was disgusted by the thought! He said, "Well that's them, not me. You don't need to worry, baby." <br />
Dang right I don't. I'm not afraid to give those girls a piece of my mind..Or a right hook! lol

Yessss I heard they call them the "AF *****" but GOOD NEWS!!! most of them are there for the medical and they will be transferring medical to Lackland so ... ;) Yeah i am the jealous type too :/

yeah my boyfriend is at goodfellow... and most of the girl there either annoy the crap out of him or are completely disgusting or both... and yessss the whole std thing and sheppard is known at every AF base.. most guys wont touch any of those girls even with a ten foot pole. =)

ugh what is wrong with a girl to one sleep with 25 guys but two announce it to a group of guys. that makes me a little sick. didnt know the bases could be so bad!!

Lol yea he told me about the STD thing, ick! He's just hangin with the guys, he said the guy he hangs with most is married with kids, so thats cool lol.

Yes, haha. My boyfriend told me that Sheppard has one of the highest STD rates going! He actually made friends with a few lesbians which is nice, at least i don't have to worry. Hopefully your boyfriend finds some nice guys there, ones that are slightly more mature and aren't all about hooking up every time they have a free minute haha. glad you guys got to talk :]<br />
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