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This is a question to all the girls that have/have had a guy at sheppard afb and went to visit them... I need all the info please! My boyfriend is afraid of getting in trouble so we wanna make sure we follow the rules in planning this. I know to wait until phase 3, but how does he get the hotel letter if I'm only his girlfriend? Where all can we go? What are all the do's and do not's? We wanna start planning this trip right away so there is something to look forward to, so please share anything you know. Thanks so much!
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Hey girl, I just got back from visiting my boyfriend at Sheppard. He is only in Phase 2 so I'm not sure about the hotel letter. I stayed at the Howard Johnson, which was only about 5 minutes from base. When you first get there, you need to go to the visitor's center, which is off of Missle Road to get your visitor's pass (he will need to be there to sign you in) and after that you can go in or out any gate. There's not much to do in Wichita Falls...We went to the mall, the movies, out to eat at different places, and hung out around base. We also went to find the waterfall, which you can see from the highway but we never found it lol. We just walked around the park which was still really nice. On base you can go to the park, the pool, the bowling alley, the movie theatre. We didn't do any of that. There is also a water park somewhere in Wichita Falls, not sure where though.<br />
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As far as getting in trouble, just make sure he always brings his id and his phase card when going off base, I'm sure he will anyway. And also don't let him drink and drive but I'm sure you already know that too! lol If you're driving on base, make sure you follow all of the speed limits/stop signs/traffic laws, whatever, because if you get in trouble for something on base, he will be punished. Also, if you're picking him up from his dorm, have him meet you in the parking lot instead of driving down the Troop Walk to get him, I heard you're not supposed to drive down it though people do anyway. Have fun!