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I just wanted to post an experience to say a huge thank you to everyone (and I do mean everyone) who has ever commented on my stories, left encouraging words, sought me out through other mediums (like email or Facebook) and offered up support. You guys have really helped make this experience bearable at a time when all I had were questions and needed answers. No matter what happens from this day forward, whether Travis and I stay together or not, I will always be honored to have been a part of an amazing group of women who carry such compassion for one another. You ladies are absolutely wonderful. For all of you newly inducted USAF girlfriends; hang in there. The beginning of BMT feels like it's the end all that is all, but it does get better no matter how cliche that sounds. We miss them. We hurt. We cry. We think of them at night and we stare at the sky wondering if they feel the same way. Cry, let it out, lean on your friends and family.. come here and VENT. But keep talking and keep living because it gets so much better from here on out. 8 1/2 weeks will go by quicker than you know it (the last month seems to go by quicker than the first) and before you know it you will be seeing your trainee (newly inducted Airman) and so incredibly proud. I am here for each and every one of you if you need it. <3

I got a letter from Travis yesterday. It was a nice one, too. I'm excited for graduation. His father and younger brother are on my flight out and coming home so I don't have to go alone (although I could never be alone with Conny and Tera there to help support me). I've just got 11 more days to make it. I have so many mixed emotions. Happy, excited, anxious, nervous, sad... crazy.

How are you all feeling as graduation approaches?
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Lmfao I think its hilarious :) Love my AF BIFFLES lol

Haha, we're going to act some serious fools, that's for sure! :D<br />
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I can't wait to see you guys!

OH my goodness.....what would we have dont without this site!!! SUPER EXCITED....can't freakin wait and very lucky to have such great new best friends......dont be surprised if I see u guys at the airport and attack you! LOL

OHHHH!!! WELL, when I talked with Mik on Sunday, he said he would finish writing a letter and that hopefully he'd be able to send it... but I havent gotten any :/ I wonder if he got the chance to send it?<br />
OHHHHH IM PRETTY SURE THEY WILL CALL US TODAY!!! I can't wait! and YESSS 10 more days :D I am going INSANE lol so many feelings combined :P<br />
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Yup... I cant wait to meet you guys and have our own little sign-making party :) This is just so great :) Let me know if he calls you ok? And again, text me for ANYTHING :) <br />
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Love you! <3

LOL, Conny! <3 I love you too! I can't wait to make signs with you and Tera the night before Airman's Run. We have got to get tons of pictures of the three of us!<br />
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He didn't write to me about BEAST because he sent the letter before he left. I haven't gotten any since he left (he said they wouldn't be able to write during BEAST but that they could still receive mail) so we'll see if they get to call tonight or if I get a letter later on in the week. Here's hoping!<br />
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Any word from Mik since Sunday? I can't believe it's 10 more days... I am losing my mind@~!

Sarah!!!! omg!!! I was reading your post and was getting goosebumps!!! lol you are so AMAZING!!!!! I am so glad I met you and all the girls here :) You guys are all a true blessing!!!! OMG I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!! IT'S RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!! WE MADE IT!!!!!!! WHEN WE THOUGHT IT WOULD TAKE AN ETERNITY!!!! ♥<br />
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I am so happy and anxious and excited.... ahhhh hehe I cant wait til we get there and we all meet each other :) Trav sent you a letter!!! l wanna know what he said about BEAST!!! lol...

First, thank you too... because it has been so helpful to have this website throughout this "battle"...<br />
I leave for Michael's graduation on Wednesday morning... I am ecstatic... I feel myself practically counting the hours left, and I want to speed up time so bad!<br />
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I love when I have a super busy day and it feels like I just woke up and then Im getting back into bed because the faster the days go, the sooner I'll be with him. I wish there were words to describe the multiple emotions that are racing throughout my body... I'm anxious, and nervous. I'm happy and excited... it's so much but it's all a combination of GREAT feelings. It's truly been the LONGEST 59 days of my life... I have missed him EVERY single second, but you're so right... this last month has gone by MUCH faster than the first month... <br />
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I know that things will play out just as they are supposed to with you and Travis. Everything happens for a reason and we all need to know that!