Ep Facebook Group *update*

Hey ladies :)
Yay for the weekend! I hope all of you bmt girls are getting lots of phone calls!
A little update about the Facebook group. (If you have no idea what Im talking about, read my last story ^_^)
Because we were having drama issues and issues with non EP members joining, we decided to make it a closed group. This means you'll have to request to be a part of it. I reallyyyyy recommend you join! A lot of the older EP members are on THERE and no longer on HERE. And its much easier to keep up with everyone :)
If you havent already joined, you'll have to request to join. Once you send a request, you'll get an email from one of the admins (Beth, Dani or myself) asking for your EP user name. Once you're legit, you'll be a part of the group! Make sure you post an introduction about yourself and your Airman :) And dont be afraid to add other girls!

As far as drama goes, we have ZERO tolerance for it. If you cause drama, or say anything that puts another girl down, you will be deleted and blocked from the group. No warnings.
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Is your Facebook profile set to where people who are not on your friends list can message you?

i tried to join but never heard anything?