Finally!! :)

This post is simply out of excitement! Just thought I would share I FINALLY got my first phone call! Hes been gone for three weeks and it was so good to hear his voice! He basically cried and said how hard it was the whole time, but also threw in that when he graduates were getting engaged and it was supposed to be a surprise but he couldnt keep it a surprise! Im so much more excited for graduation now and i feel like im on cloud nine after talking to him. Best 15 minute phone call of my life!!! I love my airman :)
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Thanks to all of you!! :) I'm so excited for graduation and I still have what feels like is forever away but I'll make it! And yeah, I can already tell just from that phone call how much he's already changing.. but in a great amazing way of course :)

aint it amazing how much bmt opens their eyes to how much they really love us and reminded us how much we really do married and i swear bmt put a lil spark back in our marriage lol i missed him a whole lot but it most deff. pays off in the long run...your time with him will come soon enough, jus stay strong and be positive...the time with them in texas is amazing jus wait =)

awwwww yay!!! :):) i'm so happy for you! conragratulations!<br />
who ever knew that one call could be so amazing?? :)

aw congrats girl!!!!!!

Congrats!!!! it's amazing how 15 minutes can change your life! I'm really happy for you.

Almost a year! July 23rd :)

OMG THAT IS GREAT!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! how long have you guys been together?