Update Time!

Hey ladies! I feel like I haven't been on here in forever. I was looking through all the stories and I have TEN pages of experiences to catch up on! I wanted to give y'all a quick progress report though.

For those of you who read my last story, you remember my boyfriend has been...dragging his feet..since he got back from BMT. You'll also remember I was having a hard time with him not being motivated. Long story short, things have changed dramatically in the last two weeks.

I just got back from spending a week with Jason in South Carolina. (PS it was amazing. I got to wake up to him every morning and get hugs and kisses whenever I wanted! I also met his mom for the first time and we really hit it off!!) While I was there we had one really good talk that I think set a lot of things in motion. He told me he was disappointed in himself that he hadn't changed a whole lot since graduating. He said he didn't want to let me down and that he had this idea in his head that everything would be better after BMT ended. I told him I will always be proud of him, but he has to be the change he wants to see.

So there's a healthy mix of good news and semi bad news:
The good news is he told me he wanted to get into radiology school, which is in his home town. During the trip we applied to college and started filling out is FAFSA (which was unnecessary because his Sgt told him he's covered under the GI bill).

The semi bad news is his Sgt told him he leaves for Tech School January 2, 2011. I know that's not horrible news, but for selfish reasons, it seemed like it. I feel like I just got him back and he was finally getting his life on track.

The sooner he gets to Tech, the sooner he gets out/gets his bonus/is able to finish his degree. But that means (and here's me being selfish) that he'll be gone over our anniversary, my birthday, and may even miss me graduating from college. Most of you ladies who are dating active duty airmen know how this goes and I completely understand. It's just taking some time to settle in that I'm going to kind of lose him again sooner than I thought.

I don't want to seem like a Debbie Downer. I'm happy he got a date! It just took me by surprise because when he graduated from Basic, he was told to not expect a Tech School date until the middle of next year. You know how that saying goes, "If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans." That'll teach me to make plans while the love of my life is in the military lol.

Just to wrap this up, everything is going so well with Jason that I have to pinch myself to prove I'm not dreaming. He makes me smile more than anyone I've ever met. He's generous and funny and affectionate; everything I thought I would never find! I swore I would never date anyone in the military again (I was burned pretty badly by my ex, a Tech Sgt in the AF) but I'm so glad I took a leap of faith and Jason was there to catch me!

A friend of mine is getting married in August so Jason's flying up to PA to be my handsome date for the special occasion. I'm not sure how we're going to do Thanksgiving and Christmas yet, but I can't wait to be in his arms again!!

Welcome, welcome to the new ladies! I look forward to getting to know you. To all you chickies with men at BMT, hang in there!
I hope y'all are doing well!

PS I saw a story about the Facebook group. I'm on FB, Alison Beddia. Take care, ladies!
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Sarah, I'm sure my worries are unfounded. I know he'd do anything to make it to my graduation. I'm just being selfish and don't want to let him go away for 4 months! He told me he'll have his cell phone and will have a laptop so we can skype (I hear it's all the rage lol). It's just going to be an adjustment, that's all. Our love is strong enough to get through Basic with very limited communication; Tech should be a breeze :) <br />
I'm sorry to hear about your ex. I met Matt (my ex) about 4 years ago and we started off as friends. I knew from the beginning he had a bad boy image going on, but he swore he'd never hurt me. He shattered my world when I found out he had been sleeping with his ex girlfriend for 3 months while talking about getting engaged to me. There's much more to the story but I don't see the need to rehash all the details. It took me a really long time to get over him and I can't believe I let myself grieve for so long over such an awful person. I broke up with him 2 years ago and have come to believe it was the best decision I've ever made! If you and Travis want things to work out, they will! <br />
Miss Heather!! I feel as though we haven't talked in ages! Jason said the other night, "You don't need to worry about not seeing me during Tech" and I said, "Oh yeah?" and he said, "I'm flying you down at least once. I can't not see you for that long" and I just melted into a big pile of AF girlfriend lol Congratulations on your graduation (only a few months early lol). I hope Matt makes it out to see you! How are two love birds doing? I hope all is well and we can catch up soon!<br />
Thanks for your comments, ladies. Sorry this is so long!

hey hun.. im sooo happy to hear an update from you.. i was wondering how things were going.. =) i know that it really sucks that he will be gone for those things.. but that just means you will have to go visit him =) & believe me, i understand the graduating thing. i graduate in december and b then matt will be on his regular base.. but i dont know if he will get leave to come see it.. (its a huge deal to me because i was homeschooled through high school so this is my first ever graduation.. ) but i am not going to worry about it till it comes around.. and if he cant make it.. im sure he will make it up to me some other time.. =) hang in there.. and im sooo happy to hear that things are good.

I know tech school feels like it's going to be a crappy experience, Ali, but I don't think it will be that bad. I'm pretty sure once they phase up they accrue some off time so he should be able to come home for an event like your college graduation or something. Plus, if you're able to, once he phases up you can go visit him (this is from what I hear about tech school - I'm not anywhere near it yet so don't take my word as law). Look into it and as your Airman if he knows any loopholes around missing so much time together.<br />
<br />
I also had a HORRIBLE experience with an ex in the military. He was in the Army Infantry and went to basic training in Fort Beginning, GA. He changed dramatically when he came home (he didn't make it all the way through due to a medical discharge) and even went on to become a police officer shortly. He broke my heart into about a million pieces less than 10 months ago. I am deathly afraid that Travis will change that drastically as well. :(