Everything Is Moving So Fast!

So just a little update! I found out Wednesday my fiance Miguel's permanent assignment base!!! He is going to McGuire Airforce Base in New Jersey!!! Miguel gets done with techschool August 18th if he continues to pass all of his test and classes. I thought we were getting married over Christmas exodus but were getting married a week after he gets home! I am so excited I dont know what to do with myself.
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are you serious!!! your in NYC is your guy stationed there??? that makes me feel better!! I hate being alone. I mean hate it

Girl! I'm in NYC! If he gets deployed and you're alone we can become buddies and hang out! Haha Congrats on this huge step! I know its really hard to leave home but I know you love him so much, so you'll be able to get through it together!

Thanks everyone.Oh and my boyfriend is doing fuels and in flight re-fuel. I guess at some point I have to leave the nest. I feel like that baby bird being pushed out. My mom is super excited and my dad is an emotional wreck lol. He doesn't want me to go claiming miguel has stole me from him. I am totally afraid of disliking Jersey. If it gets below 60 I am cold. We have gone as far as putting a little ceremony together were he will wear his blues and who knows what i am wearing.....I am not a dress kind of girl....i wear converse and flip flops like all the the time. I dont even know how to wear heels lol. I know i need to stop worrying about deployment....I feel that me thinking about it so much is going to make it happen. Him going over seas scares me the most.

Hey, my cousin is stationed at McGuire. =) He's been there for a while (years) and seems to like it just fine, even though he doesn't really like Jersey itself too much.<br />
What's your airman's job?

You should be excited to go out and see the world then :) So many exciting things are waiting for you and besides you cannot live at your parent's house forever! ;) Be excited and open minded and everything will work out. About the deployment, I have to say, I have my fears too, but this is what we signed up for, and you shouldn't worry, because you won't be the only one in this situation. They are so many support groups on bases and you will have new friends who will help you go through it. Don't worry about it already please. I know, we women tend to do this, worry about something before it happens. But it is not good... at the end we have worried for no reason... and negative thoughts bring along negative things, so be positive and tell yourself that no matter what, you will stay strong and manage well :)

thanks I feel a little better hearing that other girls are going through this. He also told me today that in his first year there is a 50/50 chance of him getting deployed. not to sound selfish and not say he is getting deployed but if he did i would be left in jersey by myself. I am like crying right now...I am afraid to leave everyone behind. I have had the same bedroom for like 14yrs.I am totally afraid of change

Don't worry, if you love each other, and that is I assume why you are getting married, than its going to be amazing. We absolutely love it and enjoy everyday. I have worries too about moving to a new place and if I would find a good job there etc.., my husband is getting his orders tomorrow and I'm so nervous.

Congratulations on taking a huge step forward as husband and wife! I know how hard it is to relocate (I went to 6 different schools before I graduated high school). On the bright side, you'll have your husband by your side and your AF GF girls behind you every step of the way :D

Omg he is the one I want I am just scared!!!! I already found a school I could transfer to and his base is only about an hour away from NYC so thats kind of cool. I live at home with my parents while i am going through school and I kind of feel bad for leaving.....Is this normal? Like I am 23 and I thinks its time for me to start my life. I am afraid to pack up and leave the only home I know...I have been to a lot of places but I have always lived here in cali.....gosh so much to think about



im a cali girl also....born and raised never left cali up until my husbands graduation last week lol...and come sept. ima be living in Mississippi for a year, then who knows where after that lol.. if hes who u want i say do it =)

thanks ladies!!! I am going to be honest I am a little afraid!!! Getting married is a huge thing and I would have to move to Jersey and I am a Cali girl.........

awww yay!! :)<br />
i'm so happy for you! i wish you two the best of luck in the future!

congrats...im soo happy for you =)