Amazing Phone Call!!!! (warning... It Is Pretty Long)♥

Hey Ladies! So, Mikhail called me today!!! I was watching the world cup with my family so I almost missed the call!! As soon as I picked up, he screams HEY BABY!!!!!! Lol I just couldn’t help but smile! Hehe Then I spent a whole minute trying to figure out what he was saying…he sounded so excited but i couldnt make out so words so he repeated "I am a 7th weaker" like 10 times no lie lol >.<

So he started talking and telling me all about BEAST. He said it was freaking hot and that the chemical outfit things they had to wear made it worse! He also said the place was full of crickets and scorpions, like he said he woke up with a cricket on his face and that when they went to take showers all the crickets were jumping on them everywhere. Eww lol He also said that the BEAST was crazy and that they lost for 4 pts… and that there was some leadership drama…

Then we started talking about how there were only 10 days left and that he couldn’t wait to see me! He said he got a town pass on Saturday and he is working really hard to get one on Sunday :) I told him “baby, I am nervous about seeing you at graduation” and he laughed! And goes like “aww why are you nervous baby?? It’s just you and me ♥ nothing will ever change between us! Then I told him how the past week I’d been kinda freaked out because I had heard bad things about tech school, especially Sheppard and the first thing he says, “oh what… the high STD rate?” lmfaooo So after laughing I tell him “well yes… but they have been saying that there is a tech school curse especially at Sheppard… and then there are girls who like hook up with guy after guy!” And he goes “That is DISGUSTING! Plus babe I am at the point where I don’t wanna know and I don’t care about anyone else who isn’t you… and we are the exception to every rule, so you and I will break the curse and stay together forever!!!” Of course, I lost all my worries at that point and couldn’t help but be thankful for having him in my life. Then we moved on to talking about me visiting him at tech and then our future together ♥

Then I really have to share this with you guys cause I really thought this was hilarious. So a couple of letters ago, I sprayed some of my perfume on the sheets of paper… idk … I thought it’d be fun lol but I really didn’t think the scent would remain…. Well at some point in the conversation Mikhail goes: "BABY!!! OMG I GOT TO SMELL YOUR PERFUME!!! AS SOON AS I OPENED THE ENVELOPE I SENSED IT RIGHT AWAY AND WELL… THE OTHERS DID TOO! Seconds later there were a mess of guys asking if they could smell my girlfriends perfume! Lmfao… he said… you’d understand… its been 7 weeks baby… I had to share your perfume" LMFAO … idk… I kept cracking up… it was hilarious the way he told it to me… I never thought of that happening =P

Well to make the really long story short (and I do apologize for the length if you’re still reading), he said he was really excited to see all of us. And both of us just cant wait to be with each other. He said he craves my kisses and he said we can link arms and that I could give him quick pop kisses from time to time♥ I’ll see him in 10 days :D
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THANK YOU SAARAH!!!!! I will never get bored of saying HOW LUCKY I AM TO HAVE MET YOU AND THE OTHER GIRLS! You are definitely my BFFL too and we are gona have such an awesome time over there!! We will lose some anxiety by hanging out in our little sign making party and then we finally see our boys!!! It will be awesome! You know things get hard sometimes, but that's why you have my number and it isn't limited to you just texting me :) You know I am here for you SIEMPRE (always). ♥

I'm happy for you, Conny! <3 It sounds like you and Mik have an amazing relationship, one that will stand the test of time and distance through tech, which is an AWESOME thing. I know you've waited for that phone call just as long as I did! So glad it came for you!<br />
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Thanks for being so amazing last night while I was having a mental breakdown over being such a "bad girlfriend" to Trav. <3 You're definitely my BFFL and I can't wait to meet you at grad! We're almost there, mija! <3<3<3

Yeah Erica :) It truly is awesome finally knowing its my turn! And then I get to see him!!! xD<br />
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Ur husband is at Sheppard right?

yayyyyyyyyyyy congrats to you!! aint it nice when its finally your turn to write something like this =) i cant wait for you to go see mikhail...its going to be amazing..i know my time in texas with my airman was amazing and some lol keep ur head up!

Ohhh ok got it! Mikhail will be at Sheppard but he is going for 4 months from July til november or maybe first week december im guessing

Jason's in the National Guard, so he had a break in between BMT and Tech. He flies to Sheppard on January 2 and will be there for a 93 day course followed by an 18 day course. He'll be working towards tactical aircraft maintenance.

Awwww Im so happy for you!!! And omg i really cant believe i am almost finished!!!! Its incredible... i thought it would be an eternity :) Where did Jason go for tech ? and whats his job?

I sprayed perfume on Jason's first letter and felt like a total dork. He told me later on that he would open his lock box before bed and hold the letter to his face and all the stress of the day would melt away. I spent last week with him in South Carolina and he said he couldn't stop snuggling his pillow because it smelled like me. Silly boys! <br />
Can you believe you're almost finished?! Good luck and congratulations to both of you!

thank you :)

Hahahaha the perfume part was so funny! But i'm so excited for you!!! :)

Awwww thank you Tera!!!!! For being so amazing!!! ♥ I cant wait to meet you and the other girls either :) and of course to see our beloved!

Oh my goodness the emotion I had when reading this experience! I cried and laughed....this was awesome! Thanks for sharing.....I can't get anything outta Brandon he is not the type to share info or emotion unless im dead in his face! LOL I am sooo happy for U and super excited and ready to see your face also!!!