July 15th Graduation

Hi Ladies!

Just curious if any of you are going to be at the July 15th 2010 Graduation? I am soooo excited....only a few more days to go!!! I can't wait to see my Man!! Michael is in 322.....Any of you other girls have a BF in that squadron???
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Wow!! I'm also exciting about that. I'm here right now ( at the hotel ) wait for tomorrow to come. My husband have a granduation on July 15th, 2010. I can't wait for see him too! but I don't know he feel same me? I don't know why I think right that. May be I'm still pregnan. I alway think a lot. Even he told me. He won't be leave me, never ever. My husband is FLT 477.

HIs name is Korrey! Thats awesome they are in the same flt! I havent met but one other person whose man is in the same FLT. Take lots of pictures of their flight for me please! What all have you heard about what their flight has been through? I wish we would have known they were in the same flight earlier! haha! Enjoy it girl! Wish you the best time ever! :)

Uncertain: I plan on making a HUGE sign for him tonight! LOL....his nicknames ******* but 'm pretty sure that's not appropriate to put on a sign...hahaha...So I'll have to think of something good! I think he said he waqs going to Sheppard for tech school....I know all about the horror stories but I think it's all mostly BS about the girls and STD's and crap, plus I trust him....Do you know where your mans going yet??? I'll make sure to tell you everything and post pics as soon as I get back on Monday :) <br />
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Virna: My Michael graduates on Friday too! I'm leaving tomorrow I am so nervous.....excited.....I just talked to him last night, he got to call and he was aggrivated at his whole family situation. It's his day and the last thing he needs after 8 1/2 grueling weeks is drama!!! <br />
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Shawna: Mike is in TRS 475 tooooooo! What's his name???? it sucks that you can't be there but obviously he knows you still care about him and love him :)

I will b there, my husband graduates on the 16th also. He is in FLT 478, and I leave wednesday morning for Texas, Im Super Excited:)

what TRS is he in? My boyfriends is 475. Glad that you are able to be there! I unfortunately cannot, and no one else in his family is :( But ive it up! Excited for you and him, hope it is an amazing time for you guys!

I'm right there with Virna. My Michael is in flight 477 and I'll be on a plane Wednesday to graduation!

Lmfao that is great!!! Did you make a sign for him??? And where is he going for tech school? Wow... His parents are being jerks!!! Im going with his mom and sister and staying at the same hotel and all... I wish you the best of luck!!!! Let me know how it goes ok?? Like, tell me everything! And enjoy your time with him! <br />
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YEAH I AM EXCITED,,,, but it seems like this week will take forever! LOL

Oh, the anticipation is killing me!!!! I told him when I see him jogging past me during the Airmans run, I might just start jogging beside him! LOL.<br />
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Just got 3 letters from him today!! I can't wait to go home and read them! <br />
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I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I'm pretty sure his family isn't too thrilled I'm going since they never got back to me about where they are staying so I could book in the same hotel, they never got back to me about anything :( I think they think with me being there I'm going to take all the attention from them, which would NEVER do. I think they are still mad at the fact he stayed with me the night before he left....<br />
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But Anyway, I'm rambling! LOL. <br />
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YOU MUST BE GETTING EXCITED TOO!!! Just another week and a half, and trust me it'll fly by! <br />
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Best of Luck to you also! ;)

OMG!!!!! THAT IS RIGHT HERE!!!!! you must feel so excited!!!! My bf graduates on the 22nd :D right around the corner too! Best of luck and keep us posted!