It's Finally My Turn

I leave tomorrow morning for San Antonio and the emotions I am feeling are so overwhelming. I catch myself smiling without even realizing it... I have this giddy-ness about me today, and I just want to jump up and down. haha

I am so happy to finally have my turn and to get to experience the amazing sense of pride when I see him during the Airman's Run on Thursday. It feels like it's been forever, and I can honestly say that you all, and this site have helped me the most.

Thank you all, so so much for being here for me... for reading my stories leaving comments, and for posting stories for me to relate to.

For all of you girls who are waiting for your turn... stay positive. The first month is certainly the most difficult... and before you even realize, you'll be packing for your trip too.

Thank you girls!! Hope that you all get lots of letters and calls this weekend!
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13 Responses Jul 13, 2010

Thank you girls! I will!!!

Ahhh this is GREAT!!! HAVE AN AMAZING TIME! and let us know how it went :) Best of luck ♥

I'm so happy for you! Have fun and let us know how it goes! :)

Mikesgirl, thank you and good luck to you too!! I can't wait for it! Im all packed and I just want to GO!!!!

Thank you Kirsten! It'll be your time soon enough<br />
<br />
And Virna!! Yay! tomorrow!!!!

My turn is this week toooooooo! I am feeling every emotion right now! The anticipation is kiling me! I'm leaving from Providence tomorrow! I can't wait! Good Luck with everything!

Aw I'm so excited for you!! I hope you have an amazing time, you deserve it! I can't wait to hear all about it!!

Thank you Heather. You always have great things to say :) so encouraging!

YAYAYAYYAYAYAY im soooo excited for you! im glad its almost here! HAVE FUN AND ENJOY EVERY SECOND!

Thank you Lori and AnneMarie... you girls are both so wonderful and I'm happy to know you both! <br />
<br />
Lori, dont cry! Even though I appreciate that you are that excited for me. I'm going to cry plenty enough that your tears wont be necessary! <br />
<br />
Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Thanks girls! I am so so excited!!

It is the most amazing thing to see! My turn was last week, and I have never been so proud or felt so many emotions at once. I still cry just thinking about seeing him during the ceremonies and the run. Have so much fun! And soak it all up its over so fast!

my turn was last week, enjoy every single minute because time flies when i was going through security at the airport to get onto my first plane to get down i burst into tears i was so excited (they thought i was crazy!), but those butterflies in your stomach will go crazy when you see the american flags start to head your way to begin the airmans run, i almost got sick i was so excited, he didnt see me either time but i saw him :)