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Long story short, my boyfriend left june 22nd for basic training. Before he left, he told me he wanted to get a marriage license after basic training so I can go with him. I told him i couldnt because I started nursing school this fall. Well, i ended up writing him a letter telling him that I wanted to go with him blah blah blah. He wrote me back and said that he didnt want me to drop everything but would LOVE for me to go with him and he said he wanted me to find out all the details of everything and to talk to his recruiter before I make a decision and he doesnt want me to end up regretting it. Ok, well he also told me his tech school is, get ready for this, 7 freaking months. Oh great. I'm not very happy at all. His tech school would be in texas. Can anyone tell me any information they know about being married and if I'd be able to live with him at tech school and how that would work?? Any information is greatly appreciated. I feel like im so lost right now and i need to figure this out soon so I can back out of the nursing program, or start getting ready for it. Sorry if its confusing but anything anyone knows would help so much. Thanks.
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So, I am married and I moved to TX to be with my husband. I am living here off base, I found an apartment really close to base and moved here. If you want to live on base you have to be married. And if you are married and tech school is longer than 20 weeks they will move you. Are you planning to get married on the graduation weekend? Then he needs to fill out paperwork for you afterward, so you are registered as spouse, and hopefully you can move on their costs. I just don't know if it could still work because you will get married after he got his orders. I am sure his recruiter will know more. If you have any other questions about Sheppard, or apartments just message me. I like the apartment I live at, its really close, so I can go and pick him up every day after duty hours and we spend the whole evening with each other and then I drop him off in front of his squadron.

I think you can live with him if his tech is over 20 weeks or something like that. Not positive just something i read awhile back. And as for school, I'm kinda dropping my schooling to go with my man after tech but there are alot of perks that schools offer to military spouses and I believe we get free CLEP tests for certain courses so you might not have as many hours of school left as you thought you would. I'm getting a business degree online once we get settled in his first duty station but I know nursing is hands on so it would be a little more difficult to find a school that would accept the courses you have taken since most colleges have a different take on what nurses need to know. Not to sound crude but If you do decide to move with him and you arent finished with your schooling you will most likely have to take alot of classes over because credits dont transfer easily (or at least it didnt for me when I tried to get my associates. I needed 2 classes and by transfering they were telling me I would have to take 14 more hours) But it is different with every college. Just make sure your not wasting a year of college that you will have to take over again.

All i can say is do whatever you feel, My husbands tech school is only three months and i am moving but i have other reasons, I live with his parents and they are amazing but there r others (like his grandmother) that live here and i cant handle it any more, We dont really see eye to eye on things. so im movin to Texas for three months and moving were ever they station him after that. I knw its a lot but i have no other options o no were else to go. SO Im going to be with my husband. ANd even though he cant be with me all the time i will be close to him.

Thanks guys :) i went and talked to his recruiter like he told me to do and found out some good i just need to decide if im gonna go or not. I really want to go to be with him cuz idk how im gonna deal with being away for 7 more months. These 2 months now are killing me. But i want to finish school. I dont know. I have alot of thinking to do.

I wouldn't just quit the nursing program, even if you moved to Texas during Tech school I don't think you're allowed to live on base with him until after. I'm waiting until after Tech school and then i'll move with him wherever he gets stationed. Hopefully somewhere with a good school, if not i'll be doing online classes for a while. ha. I agree though, love can conquer all :)

I am not married yet, but if I were you, if you are going to switch nursing programs... you may want to way until he is stationed somewhere... Remember that if you decide to move with him to Tech school that you'll only be there for the 7 months of him at Tech school and then he'll move again... so consider that you'll enroll at school for a semester and then you'll move again.<br />
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My boyfriend and I want to get married as well, but I'm staying at my school until April when I will graduate and then I'll move to him wherever he is stationed to go to Grad school. Just consider your options and look into as many options as possible. Love can conquer all, so even if you aren't together during tech school, you'll be married and you'll have him after :) <br />
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Stay positive, it'll all work out!