Bad Sunday And Monday

So on Sunday I waited for my airman to call. He usually calls me on Sundays and we talk for about 10 minutes. Well he didn't call and I was really sad. :( I cried because I had been anxious to hear his voice since I had woken up in the morning. I had my phone by my side and I starred at it for hours! Well yesterday I went in to work at 5 and got out like at 11, when I checked my phone I had 3 missed calls from my airman! I was so disappointed in myself for leaving my phone in my truck. I had such an ugly feeling inside. :( I cried and cried. I hope this never happens again. He called his mom and told her that they had gotten in trouble so they didn't let anybody make calls. He was upset at the whole thing and told her he had really wanted to talk to me but that I didn't answer his calls. I wrote to him yesterday, but I don't even think he's getting my letters. It stinks because I haven't talked to him and I miss him so much! This whole thing sucks! I can't wait to be with him. :(

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4 Responses Jul 13, 2010

i hate missing calls or opportunities to talk because they come so few and far between...but only 27 days, that's not too bad! my boyfriend is home on leave right now (its been amazing) but he leaves on friday and i won't see him until december :( :(

It wasn't a good feeling at all :/ And I think they are holding letters from his flight..the last time I spoke to him he said he had only gotten one of my letters and I've sent 8. Thanks for the comments girls! They really help. It's good to know there's other girls going through the same thing I am. And your right airmanswife2 he should be getting my letters because they haven't been returned to me. As long as he gets them I'm happy with that.(: I will stay positive.:D I love you girls! I have 27 more days to go!

ugh! im sorry you missed those calls. thats awful. but at least you know he WANTED to call you. if the letters havent been returned to you, then he should be getting them. it just takes like 7-10 days for some reason. anyways cheer up darling! the week is half way over and maybe he will get that call on sunday.

Hi you... I dont know you and it's the first thing I post here. lol<br />
however, I'd like you to know that I believe he really loves you<br />
and even from afar he thinks of you all the time. dont feel sad<br />
because you missed the callings. you've got his love<br />
that's what really matters...<br />
good luck for you and for us