Graduation <3

Well... words can't describe how AMAZING it was. It was definitely worth the anticipation and waiting!! I have never been so proud in my entire life. All the emotions running through me is something I can't describe.

Wed- Woke up at 4:30 and got on the road around 5! It was about a 10 hour drive, and we got there around 5 pm. Checked in to our hotel about 5 minutes away from base, and went to base to look around. Went back to the hotel and went to bed.

Thur- woke up at 4:30 to get ready! Got to base around 6:15, and waited in line for the briefing, even that made me cry!! They just went over what to expect and the rules and showed us pictures of what they'd been through. I was DYING to get outside and wait for the Airmans run to FINALLY see him. Finally it was over and we went and stood along the street to wait. Finally it started and it was so amazing. I saw him both times, he had told me where he would be standing!! I tried to get pictures of him running, but I missed becuase I was to busy looking/crying. They just run by, singing their little songs. :) Then we rushed over to the coin ceremony to get good seats. We sat for an hour and a half (in the rain!!!) until they finally cancelled it :( They bused everyone to the squadron of their child/loved one, and each squadron had their own seperate ceremony. We had to wait in the classrooms while they set up, and then we got to finally see them :) My boyfriend was Dorm Chief, so he was standing right in front and center :)) He looked so serious, and he wasn't allowed to look at us or anything, I took TONS of pictures of him. Then he also got to pass out the Airmans Coins with his TI! Which was amazing to see. Then we all waited through the speeches to finally hear "Go Find Your Airman" He wasn't allowed to move until we touched him, and I just ran up and threw my arms around him, and cried of course, and he cried :) we took some pictures then he went to the dorm to sign out and we headed straight to find something to eat. We went to the BX but the lines were CRAZY!! So we decided on Godfathers Pizza, we had to wait in line for a good 30-45 minutes to order, but it was worth it! he ordered a large pizza just for himself! haha. After that we just walked around the mini malls and sat around and talked :) then he had to go back. Me his mom and grandma went to a hotel on base to see if we could book a room, and we got one for Friday and Saturday. It's so much easier when you're right there!

Friday- woke up early again! Got ready, and went to graduation, we were on base for Friday and Saturday night so we just went and parked at our hotel and walked across the street to the parade grounds. He drew us a map on my letter of where to sit, and we got front row in the section he told us to sit in! Thank goodness my aunt let me borrow her camera, it took amazing pictures! After Graduation we got to run out and hug them again :) They didn't get to wear their blues because of the rain, and he was disappointed about that! But he got to go change into them for Town Pass. So we got to go to Open House, he showed us all of his stuff, so not the boy I used to live with! haha. Then they had to change  into their blues so we all had to leave and wait for them at the Post Office. After that, he wanted Chilis! haha. So we went and ate, and then he wanted to sleep! Which was fine by me, I was exhausted! So we went and checked into our Hotel on base, and his mom and grandma gave us our alone time and we napped allll day. Until he had to go back at 7 :(

Saturday- Picked him up at 9 am and went to the River Walk, we ate at a Mexican resteraunt down there, and then just walked around. Went to the mall, and almost saw a movie, but we decided we'd rather rent a movie and go back to the Hotel and cuddle :) Then we went to the baseball game! (I encourage everyone to do this! He got to stay out until almost 11 when he was supposed to be back at 7!) and we got luckily, they were playing Arkansas! (where we're from!) So it was a lot of fun for us! Even though I hated the "No PDA" thing, I did kinda like that I got to walk with our arms linked, it was kind of cute :) Then  we left the game a little bit early so we could run him by Wendy's for a late night dinner! haha. Then back to the squadron :(

Sunday- I encourage everyone to go to church with your Airman, it was so amazing!! It truly does open your eyes. You walk in there and see all of these boys and girls in uniform, their arms linked, singing these songs, it made me break down right there. They played Letters From Home, Letters From War, and I Can Only Imagine as everyone was walking in. And everyone just sang at the top of their lungs and danced and held onto each other and cried. I bawled like a baby, and he told me I would. =/
It was my favorite part, besides being with him, of course. Then they made all of the family and friends of the new Airman stand up and everyone claps for you and tells you how much your letters and encouragement truly gets them through the weeks. After church we went to the mini mall and grabbed a few more shirts (i bought so many!!) and had Subway, then it was time to go :( I cried, of course. And couldn't stop crying for like 2 hours after we were on the road. 

Luckily he has his phone now after 6pm, so I get to talk to him, he got to room with two of his buddies from his flight at Tech School, and he really loves what he's doing. So that makes me so happy. In three months, I'll be moving with him and I can NOT wait. I miss him and love him so much, but I know this is going to make our relationship so much stronger.  I am so proud to be his future wife :) He is so amazing.

Hang in there ladies, your turn will come soon! :))  Just keep writing and encouraging him!
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My airman just left, and by the sound of it to the same place. He left for fort lakland in san antonio tx. I miss him so much. Its nice to know what to expect on his graduation. I do have a question though, can you live with them even when your not married?

aww that's so exciting!! idk. it just sucks, it's me waiting by my phone ALL day until he gets done with classes, and showering, and cleaning, and then me time. Then he wants to go eat so he can't talk. I know it's not his fault but it's harder knowing he can talk but having to wait all day and until he's done with everything else. Like i'm last on the list. and I know that's not how it is or how he feels. And it sucks knowing I could be down there every weekend but it's a 10 hour drive and I work 4 hours on Saturdays that I can't get off so it's pointless to get down there late saturday night and have to leave early sunday to make it back for work again Monday. ugh. I'm just ready for it to be over. haha

They will tell you all about the baseball game at your first briefing! And your Airman will know about it too! I hope you have tons of fun! I wish I could go back:( Tech school is being tough on me..

Thank you ladies! :) it really was amazing!! I couldn't have asked for a better weekend!! I'm so glad I got to experience it, and i'm so happy he loves what he's doing so much!! Don't worry, the time flies by so so fast! and your time will come so soon!

WOW! Your trip sounded amazing! I bet you were soo excited! Boy oh boy I can't wait until I see my airman.(: At least you made every moment with him worth it. And don't worry you'll be with him soon girly!:D Just hang in there..Your story made me cry, now imagine when I'm there! Ah! How nerve racking it must have been.

AWWW :):)<br />
YAYY!!! I'm glad you had a good time! You'll see him soon enough again :)

OMG!!!!! <br />
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I don't even know where to start! First off, I AM SOOOOOOO EXTREMELY HAPPY FOR YOU!!! IT SOUNDS LIKE YOU HAD AN AMAZING TIME!!! <br />
<br />
You know... I was crying the whole time I was reading your story! I really dont know why! I guess because I just couldnt help but picture my boyfriend and I finally together again! I am really really glad you had an amazing time! <br />
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My boyfriend graduates on the 22nd ... so its only a week left! You can imagine how im feeling! <br />
<br />
Anyway, Im really happy for you and your airman! Oh and thanks so much for sharing!