Okay so I was just curious on where everyone stayed during graduation week? How did everyone get around? I was planning on going with my boyfriends family but his mom didn't really include me in their official plans. So she sent me an e-mail of what flights they're taking and what hotel their staying at. I'm not sure if they'll have room for me in their rental car yet so does anyone have any advice? I'm only eighteen and can't rent my own car. Are there shuttels from the airport to hotels? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! I'm trying to plan this asap!!
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aw i hope it all works out for you girl! Try and stay near the river walk- its really nice around there- tons of things to do and not a far drive from the base.... i would def think you should ask her to lunch or something and ask her about the car situation- me and my mans mom get together once a week so everything was planned together which was easier- Dont get too stressed about her being rude just get excited! Less than a month!

weve been dating for a year! and yeah he had called me on sunday and so i texted her saying i got a call from him and was wondering when she was planning on reserving all his stuff for graduation and shes like yeah ill let you know this week. (in his letters hes all telling me to get lunch with her and plan it together) so im just frustrated now i have to figure it all out myself. :/

did you have to call her and ask????? that just makes me mad for you!!! how long have you two been together.

he graduates august 20th! so just booking my flight and reserving my hotel tomorrow and im nervous. im staying at the same hotel as his family. she knew i was coming just made no effort to involve me! it made me mad haha

i am leaving in a week... not sure when graduation is for you so ill probably be able to answer this better after next week. they do have something called mactrans. google. they will transport you if you call them. ill give you more info when i get back about our hotel. its really close to base but before i recommend it id like to have an experience in case its awful. thats sad she didnt really invite you, hopefully they will have room in their rental. id suggest renting a room where they are staying. im basically going alone and im nervous about going alone so i imagine you might as well. ill let you know more when i get back. when does he graduate?