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Hey Ladies,

So it's been a week since BMT Graduation (which was amazing) and now my boyfriend is in Tech School at Lackland. He is in Security Forces. I've been searching this site for any info on what to expect from Tech School and Security Forces. Any help or advice would be super appreciated!
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What do they do at camp Bullis ?? And when do they do for it?

Thanks Ladies for the info. I'm super excited for him but really anxious. I told him I that I asked questions on this site and he said to keep getting info. :) He says he hates not knowing whats gonna happen....that they don't tell them until the day they are doing whatever they are doing.....

My fiance is in security forces!!! its 13 weeks long. He will work long hours and will probably be super tired when he gets off. they have what seems like a million accountabilities. They can get put on lock down for no reason so be prepared if you plan a trip to see him and he can't hang with you except on base. They go to camp Bullis for 3 weeks strait which is at a different base and can only come to lackland for the weekend if they find their own way there and back. Nothing else to really say about it. Be prepared for deployments when they get out....

Tech school is much better then BMT was :) u get to talk way more but dont expect them to call every second thier still pretty busy and it is stressing so there are gonna be tough days so hang in there and be strong :) but dont worry it is much better then BMT oh and security forces is just military police they study and go to class the begining weeks then thier off to camp bullis for field training and i believe two weeks after that thier done :D time goes by pretty fast if u have any questions message me ill help u out oh and my fiance cause he'll be done and home next week :D so just ask i'll help as best as I can! And yay u made it thru bmt! Ur half way there :)