Oh No!

Hey ladies :)
So I was taking a look through the graduation events and times yesterday, and I saw that Thursdays events start at like 8. The only problem is that Alex's mom has already bought the plane tickets and everything for me to go down with his family, but we wouldn't be getting there til like 4 or 5 on Thursday evening :( and I REALLY REALLY want to be there for the Airman's run and coin ceremony. I don't want to go by myself on a plane and to the ceremony on Thursday, and I would feel awful if I had to ask her to refund my tickets and such. But its like, Thursday morning is a big part of gradation, and I don't want to miss it.
What should I do??
alexandme alexandme
2 Responses Jul 15, 2010

definitelyyyyy try your best to be there for everything on thursday. i flew alone wednesday morning, and its not a big deal at all. flying is so simple. and definitely get a rental car because they will want to be as far away from lackland as possible! try kayak.com for rental cars

okay :)<br />
the reason why they weren't leaving til thursday morning was because his dad is a doctor and he couldn't leave on wednesday night. But I called his mom and asked if there was any way that we could leave on Wednesday night and she said that she would talk to his dad and then get back to me. I mean if worse comes to worse, I can just have her change the date of my ticket and then get my own hotel room for the first night.<br />
Oh and what did you do for transportation? I wasn't sure if a rental car was the way to go or not. Thanks for all of your help! :)