I'm So Proud Of Him(:

So yesterday I received two letters from my airman!! I was soo excited to read them. They made up for the calls I missed from him on Monday evening.:/ In the letters he tells me he has the highest PT percentage in his flight! He has a 98.670% and if he gets a 100 on his final PT he gets to run with the commander during the airman run at his graduation.:D He also recevies a certificate for PT excellence and gets an extra town pass for Sunday after his graduation! He said he's going to try his best to get it, that it won't be easy but that he's going to try. He makes me so happy.(: I love him so much! Oh and he said he got all my letters! FINALLY! He wrote a looong letter replying to all my letters lol. I can't wait until I see him!! 26 more days! :))
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3 Responses Jul 15, 2010

It is such a good feeling.:)) I get butterflies when he calls. And thank you girls. I'm doing much better now that I heard from him.:D

yay!!! i knew he wouldnt eventually get them.... great to hear some positive news. i know you were having a hard time!

awwwwwww yayy!!! :):)<br />
i'm so happy you heard from your airman. Its always the best feeling in the world :) and congratulations on how well he is doing!