New To This Site...any Advice?

Hey everyone,

My boyfriend got a call from his recruiter yesterday. He is leaving for the "boot camp" part of the Airforce on October 12th. We have been dating almost 3 years (August 8th) and we have lived together for two. Does anyone have any advice on what I should expect? I'm really nervous and excited at the same time!

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just to give you some encouragement on the letters thing... my husband was not a letters guy at all. hes not much of a romance person. however, bein at basic does something to them. shane sent me a million letters. i was expecting to hear from him once maybe twice. he will get out there and start missing you like crazy and if his TI lets him, he will be writing!

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Aces4battle: We arent married yet because we were waiting until I graduated (which I just did in May). We were actually talking about marriage last, it will probably happen soon! Thank you so much for your advice, everything you said is true.<br />
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Emn12: Thank you, now I expect to not get a lot of phone maybe I wont be disappointed..its going to be so hard the first few weeks! I was really sad yesterday, I just started thinking about how everything is going to be so different now. I'm also really worried about moving with him. I've never really moved far away from my family so it's a huge deal for me. We also have two dogs and I'm really worried about them.But after I read your comment, I stopped being sad and I'm just going to enjoy these last three months until he leaves. We can hopefully figure out all the moving stuff after his training. Im going to just try and stay positive! :)<br />
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Airmanswife2: That's one thing I know Im not going to like either. I dont like being alone at all. It will take a while for me to get used to. Ive already talked to my friends and their planning lots of things for us to do, so hopefully that will help me to not be so lonely.<br />
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I will definitely take your advice and write him a lot. He's not really the write letters guy, but hopefully he will start once he's in Texas and we can't talk. <br />
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Thank you for your advice. Let me know how the Graduation goes!

ahh since you live with your man, like i did with my husband, expect to feel lonely in your house. i had to rearrange our bedroom and other rooms to not feel quite so lonely. it took me a couple days not to cry every so often but i assure you it gets so much better. i agree, dont expect to hear toooo much from him. i got a quick call with his address and to confirm he had made it to san antonio. you wont really get to say anything. have a pen and paper with you those first few days so you can write it down quickly. he will read off a sheet so he will almost sound like a robot but its because thats all they can really say since their TI is watching. a couple days later i got a post card in the mail with his address on it to double check what i wrote down. i didnt hear anything from him until a couple weeks later when he got a phone call. he had a decent TI. I received plenty of letters and a phone call almost every week. <br />
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lastly, write as much as you can. i kept putting it off because i didnt know what to say and i felt it would make me feel worse but to my surprise.... i loved it. i started writing almost once a day. it was almost like he was with me because i could tell him about our two little boys and my day. it was very helpful. expect mail to take a little longer to get to him. send cards and pics. try to stay positive cause he needs it! <br />
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oh and i agree.... spend the last few days together ENJOYING each other. thats one thing i didnt regret. i put the sadness on hold and managed to stay strong so that my husband and i could really enjoy our time. <br />
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youll have some down days and some up days but you will get through it. youll never feel so proud. i fly out to graduation in about 6 days and its totally been worth the wait.

Welcome to the site chica! You are about to begin a great journey! It will have its ups and downs, but you can manage it, and we all know its worth it in the end. As for advice on what to expect, just be prepared to not have much contact with him while he is at Basic. My boyfriend has 2 weeks left until he graduates, and so far I have received 8 letters and 3 phone calls from him. If you are not expecting that you will get to talk to him a lot, it feels easier. You'll be able to write him letters, and I personally think that this helps me a ton! I write my boyfriend every night, and it makes the whole thing seem a little easier. This is a wonderful site to get advice from other people and to read people's stories. At times we all feel frustrated or down, and this is a great place to let it all out because everyone understands here! Enjoy the time that you have with your boyfriend before he leaves! Try not to feel sad before he goes, there will be plenty of that afterwards!

What you an’t married yet, what's the holdup. Beside the feeling in personal relationship, think of yourself and your security in life. He will have everyone any person will need, and you should take it, like, money, credit ratings, material items, future planning, health care, etc, etc, etc. You will not lose him when he come back, but he will be a changed man, having honor, duty and responsibilities beyond your imagination.