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Well i went to Ryans graduation July 4th weekend, it was amazing. I had a blast there, it really was a great experience to see him just become a airman. It was a little tense for me because all his family was there so i had to share my bonding time with other people. But you know what i realize what a difference it makes being a girlfriend and being a fiance or wife. They treat you way differently, i dont know just my thought. i went to church services with him on sunday and i liked how they got everyone involved in the service. it was just a great being with him. Im going next month to Keesler afb to visit him because im going to a wedding thats in that general region so it worked out perfectly =) but im excited to see him by my self this time lol. =) hes been telling at tech its weird having freedom lol compared to bmt. During his first week there he was in a group and they had to introduce themselves and tell a little about themselves and he said is name and stuff and said" he has a girlfriend been with for about 4 years and is going to be getting a ring for her pretty soon" he said all the girls in the group were like AWWWW! lol made me blush. but i hope everyone is doing well and keeping strong. =) any one ever wanna talk add me on fb im always on on there look me up Nicole Rolon, Frisco Tx  
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Hey Mattsbabe, didn't the weather suck lol? ugh!!! so sad we missed the parade all well. but im glad someone else understood what i was talking about lol =) <br />
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and uncertain, my boyfriend is at tech school right now at Keesler AFB, you know where yours is going yet?? and that sounds like alot of fun about the sign party hehe =)

Funny, I was at graduation the same week for my boyfriend :) And I know EXACTLY what you mean about the girlfriend vs fiance or wife thing, and it drives me nuts! At all the ceremonies they would mention parents, siblings, wives, and even sometimes friends, but never GIRLFRIENDS! I even talked to my guy about that lol, I told him I'm tired of not existing! But we started talking about marriage, so HOPEFULLY I wont have to feel like that for long. But yea, you're not alone in your observation there. :)

Aww thanks so much!!! And im glad you had a great time as well!!! Yeah... i definitely get what you mean... Oh well, we'll get more recognition for when we're married lol :) where will your bf be stationed at?<br />
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Oh and yeah im planning on meeting up with some of the girls here and having a sign making party :P lol we are all so excted :P

Yay !!! so happy for you , and nooo not bad lol i guess i should have elaborated on that. Its just different. Like the guys get these pin to give out and if they are not married they give them to their parents. and its the wings with P for parent and i guess when ur a official spouse they have S for spouse lol i dont know i was just like man why cant i get one ive been with him for 4 years and been with every step of the way on this thing. Does that make sense? and they dont treat girlfriends bad at all. Just i feel like were in a different catergory. i guess. i dont know. Probably just me over thinking things too. lol Sorry for this being so long i was trying to make sense on what i was trying to say but dont worry about any of that. Your gonna have a great time. Its really awesome and a great experience i hope you have a great time and safe travels. =) ohhhh for the airmans run i recommend making a sign so he can spot you out right away. Ryan found me and his family by the sign =)

Hey! Im glad you had such a great time in graduation! My bf graduates in 3 days!!!!! Im sooo excited! HEhe... i wanted to ask you... what did you mean but the diference of being a gf and fiance or wife? do they treat gfs bad?