Being An Airforce Girlfriend/fiance Isn't Easy, But Oh So Worth It!

Like I've seen other girls wrote, I'll give you the whole story! :)
Me and my fiance, Tyler, went to school together and knew eachother for about two years before we started dating. Previously, I was in a relationship for two and a half years and it ended, obviously, lol.  Anyways, afterwards, Tyler and I started to talk more, just as friends still.  Long story short, we "offically" started dating two days before he was shipped out to basic training.  Just as an insight to my past: in the three days that we spent together non-stop, he showed me more respect than my previous boyfriend did in two and a half years.  Anyways, I was there when he got on the bus to go to the airport to go to BMT.  That was one of the hardest days of my life but the love & support of his family and mine made it so much easier.  It wasn't a walk in the park but I didn't die either.  The first letter I recieved from him was an emotional time for me.  In all honesty, I cried for a good hour on and off because I was so happy! A WORD OF ADVICE TO ALL YOU LADIES WHO HAVE A MAN IN BMT, WRITE THEM EVERYDAY! THEY CANNOT WRITE YOU VERY MUCH, BUT HAVING SOMETHING TO READ EVERYDAY  MAKES IT EASIER! YES, THEY GET THEIR MAIL EVERY NIGHT IN MOST CASES!!! Anyways, I wrote him a letter at least every other day, if not every day.  The first phone call was amazing too! Halfway through BMT, I got approval that I could go to his graduation.  I kept it a secret for the longest time but, with the advice from his mom, I told him I was coming. I found out why when I got there.  Anyways, I flew out to his graduation on Thursday night.  His graduation was Friday and we spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday together.  On Sunday, everyone went out to breakfast and afterwards, they left us alone and he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife!  The next day, I had to leave to go home and he left for Tech school.  Thats where he is now.  Ladies, I'll assure you, tech school is much easier than basic.  For me anyways.  They can talk more often, you can send them things, its a WHOLE lot easier.  We have found out that he graduates tech school in october and comes in, and  best part of all, he is going to be stationed relatively close! 5 hours, not long at all! We have set our wedding date and cannot wait to start the rest of our lives together!

Ladies, feel free to talk to me! Having someone to talk to helps, I promise.  Especially someone who honestly knows what your going through.  So, if you are going through BMT right now, tech school, or it is getting ready to happen, whatever, feel free to talk!
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My boyfriend of over a year is currently waiting on his date for Basic. I am having a hard time with coping with the fact that he will be leaving. I am afraid of him returning and not wanting to still be together. After Basic, I am also afraid of him leaving for a base somewhere far away. I already know I am not able to move with him because I am in college and haven't graduated yet. I just want some advice on things I have concerns about. I just do not want to let the distance affect our relationship.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about two years and he is thinking about joining the air force and I just had a lot of questions like when he goes to tech school are you aloud to go with him or do you have to wait until after he graduates everything?

I'm the first girlfriend my boyfriends had. We're both 19 and I leave for basic in 2 months my dep is only 3 months long and my parents are extremely strict with me, so I can't always go see him (its more of an every other day sort of thing) we both know about the nice things about marriage and that if we did we could live together a whole lot easier, but I just don't know that he's ready to take that leap as we've only been dating for almost two months. He said he was going to give me a promise ring to show that he will wait and stand by my side during my 6 years of service. Even though my plan is to serve atleast 25. Iv never felt like this towards anyone and honestly I feel like he's my soulmate. So I can't help but feel like what he's about to go through with me is really hard on him more than me. :/ I'm so scared that il lose him but my service is more important to me if not just as much as he is. Does anyone else fear like this?

My boyfriend is suppose to leave in February for basic but he got the call lastnight for special forces and to train with them I'm excited that he's excited but then again it means he leaves very soon. I'm nerve but excited to learn more with him. We're very open towards eachother it helps alot. We promised to write eachother everyday while he's away at basic. I'm just worried were gonna drift apart. I've recently have gotten a promise ring from him. I would never ever hurt him, ever! I'm proud of him I'm proud to call him my own air men. I hope everything works out for me and him so when I sign in August the following year everything will be alright and perfect.

hi, i just wanted to say ur an awesome girl for sticking with him. im waiting to get my date for BMT. me and my gf of 5 years have been in a long distance relationship (4 hours away) this whole time. we try to see each other at least once a month, so it shouldnt be too hard for us. but im not sure if i should wait to ask her to marry me or do it after my BMT is over. i know im ready, thats not the problem, i just dont want her or other ppl to think im doin the typical "marry me before i leave so i know ill have someone waiting when i come home" thing. what do u think?

hi im jess. um my boyfriend and i started going out 9-8-09 and we broke up a few months after but we went back out 3-2-10. he is about to go into college but he wants to go to the air force instead. when he told me this i cried a lot because idk how it is going to work out. we dont live in the same town now and we only see each other once a week so i keep telling myself if i can take once a week i can handle this but idk. i am afraid for him and what could happen and we talked about but he wont change his mind. he talked to a recruiter yesterday and he is going for a meeting next week. ur message helped me because now i know that i can write him and i know he will get them. i just want to say thank you for this advice.

That's really great and your positivity is really encouraging! When will you go be with him and when is your wedding? Are you all getting married after Tech school and will you be with him then? I'm VERY new at this and my bf will be leaving for BMT Feb. 1, so just lookin for advice! : )

In San Antonio, we stayed in a Holiday Inn. It was right outside the base. As for hotels on base, I'm pretty sure that only military can stay there. But I'm not 100% sure. I've got a lot to learn ;)

how exciting!!! what hotel did you stay at on base? im going to see my guy in Aug (sooooo excited!!)and have been looking into hotels maybe this could help me out :)

WOW!!! that is so great!!! Im really happy for you guys :) yeah... we really really want that base in tampa.... thats the only thing we want lol :)

He got it by pure luck. He had it on his list as number 5. Honestly, he was pretty upset about it because he wanted to be overseas. But after the initial disappointment of not being overseas he was pretty excited because its close and not many people have the oppertunity to be that close together in a military relationship. <br />
<br />
AND THANK YOU!!!! I'm glad that our story has given you hope! :)

CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so happy for both of you!!! That is such an amazing love story and you gave me hope! lol I am very excited... my bf graduates in 3 days!!!!! Its crazy! lol Any advice for when I go see him at graduation? Also... My bf wants to be stationed in a base in Tampa Fl... which is 4 hrs from my house in car... so... how did ur bf do to get that one>? Dis he trade?

Nope. Everyone who is going to go on base has to go all at once on that pass. Be sure your name is on it (if your over 18). Anyone under 18, they dont have to have their name on it. Take lots of pictures - the days you spend together will be something you never forget.

hi im ashley lol it sounds like the sam sich with me right now me and him started dting 3weeks b4 BMT but weve been friends for 2yrs before it. i write him everyday i think that is so cute he proposed to you! my boyfriend graduates on the 19th of august but i dont think his mom like me very much im not a bad girl :( . but i got the pass to graduation is there anything i need to get in? other then also i miss him like crazy!!!!