My Airman; Age In The Way

my man and i, we have had it rought all along.  we are almost four years apart and i am still in high school. but some how, some way we have gotten through everything.
the hardest thing so far was basic. he graduated tech school and is now in tampa at macdill. things are fine. i can handle it when i get to talk to him everyday.
but he might have to deploy in september. and i dont no how to handle that. things have always been so hard on us, i don't no if i will be able to take it. he is my best friend. we talk every minute he is off work. he is my other half. i love him with everything i am.
three years and counting, how do i live with him gone
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3 Responses Jul 18, 2010

wow that is awesome!!!!! i so want that to happen for my bf too :) im crossing my fingers so he gets it.... how is it for him there? do u guys talk a lot? more free time?

tampa is the one he wanted. and he just so happened to get it. he didnt trade, although he was going to for south carolina. he is a technician. he fixes the air planes.

Hey!!! My bf graduates from BMT this week and then he goes to Sheppard. The, we REALLY REALLY want for him to be stationed at Tampa as well! How did he get to go there? Whats his job? Did he trade with someone? Sorry I just really would like to know because tampa would be AMAZING to us since i live 4 hrs away by car :) <br />
<br />
Also, I have learned not to worry about things so much. I am sure that although you guys have been through a lot, it has made your relationship stronger, and if you two really love each other and stay true to one another, you have nothing to worry about :)