Loooong Call!!! ♥

Hey guys!! So I am beyond excited at this moment. My boyfriend graduates the 23 and I am almost close to counting off the minutes until I see him. On top of that, he called me today!!! He got 30 minutes and for the first time, he spent it all on me ♥ (He said to just tell his family that he was alive lol) It felt like we had been talking forever! We talked about so many things that I cant even remember all of them! It was truly AMAZING! Every doubt I had... everything that worried me... he just reassured me... That's it...no more doubts and no more questions... WE ARE IN LOVE AND IT WILL LAST A LIFETIME!

Once the 30 mins were over, he had to go but he said he would probably get some patio time tomorrow or something and he had a phone card so he'd try calling me... then we hung up...

20 Minutes later, my phone starts ringing and it was HIM from a payfone! lol He said his TI was in a good mood and allowed them to go outside. So he RAN to the phonebooth and called me :) We talked for 10 more minutes... he called his mom b4 calling me and talked to her like for 5 lol.

It was unbelievable... beyond magical what we feel for each other :) Im sorry im just going on and on... but im just so excited knowing i have nothing to worry about and that i see him in less than 3 days!! He also assured me we would be getting some alone time lol

For all of you girls whose loved men are in BMT hang in there... no matter how hard it feels the first weeks, it does get a lot better! Be strong and support your men :D
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Yayyy text me all you want :)<br />
<br />
Thanks alexandme :) And IM SO GLAD you were able to talk with him :) the first call i got from him was 45 seconds long :( worst one ever lol but things get sooo much better :) Message me for ANYTHING :D

YAYYY!!!! I'm so happy for you girl! thats awesome :)<br />
I got my first call from my airman yesterday and it was the most amazing this ever. Just think, in a few days you'll be in his arms again :)