Its Been A Good Days <3

So the past week I've been pretty down because I didn't get a letter from Alex and my friends were bugging me because they're sick of me talking about him and moping about him. They're always like "its only 2 months Kristen, just think if he were deployed, etc etc" but its like 2 months is 2 months. I would be upset if he was gone for 2 days; the length of time doesn't matter, I'm still going to miss him like crazy. And if you read my post before, I didn't know what I was going to do about graduation because his mom had bought our tickets for Thursday morning instead of Wednesday.

But it got SOOOOOO much better because Alex called last night!! I was working and I was really nervous that I was going to miss his call, so I kept my phone with me (even though I wasn't supposed too, there was no way I was going to miss it lol). But we got to talk for 20 minutes! :) Uninterrupted 20 minutes of heaven :) It was so good to hear his voice. He told me he missed me and he loved me and how he missed my voice because the days have been rough there. We both agreed that the days are long but the weeks somehow seem to be going fast. I can't believe its already been 2 weeks already! And he said he sent me 2 letters on Thursday so I should be getting them soon :) But eventually he had to go :-/ I almost started crying after we hung up because I just wanted to talk to him forever. Soon after the call, his mom called me and said that she was able to change our flight to leave on wednesday!! So yesterday was a pretty good day :)

Just wanted to give you guys an update :) I hope you all get letters/talk to your airmen soon!

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heyy,<br />
how long after they left for basic training did you get a letter or call? im wondering when ill hear from my guy?

i agree with the friends thing. but now that mine has been past this stage deploying is the next thing that will happen. im just waiting for them to tell him he has to leave. when i think about that it makes me realize how lucky i am he is still here.<br />
<br />
stay strong

so glad to hear you had a good day! sometimes it feels like those don't happen very much when our guys are gone. Like everyone else said, don't let your friends get to you. I complain to my friends all the time and nobody understands. My boyfriend is at field training which is only 5 weeks long because he's in ROTC and my friends give me the "at least he's not deployed" or "at least he's not at basic" all the time! they never have to be away from their boyfriends though. we all understand what you're going through. any amount of time away is awful. and know you can always look here to complain all you want!! we'll listen :)

hey hun. i just want to say that im glad you got to talk to him! its amazing how they make our day! & to tell you not to get discouraged by friends. they really dont get it.. noone gets it unless they have to go through it.. and i have come to be okay with that.. because honestly i didnt understand before i had to do it.. =) just hang in there.. things will get better! & we are always here to listen if you need to rant =)

I hate when my friends do the "at least he's not overseas!" thing, i learned to ignore them, I got it alot while Ian was in BMT, one of my friends told me to suck it up and deal with him being gone because I chose to accept this life style. And the thing was, i hadn't complained or anything to her she saw me counting the days on facebook and decided to say that, ignore people, you have us EP girls :) we're better :P

whoops. don't mind my spelling in the title.. clearly i can't spell :-p haha