So Its Finally Happening...

It's finally here and I am leaving to Arkansas to get married...My boyfriend got a house on base after signing a contract to say we would be married within 60 days. So now that its finally here I wondering if anyone has any stories or knows anything about little rock afb?! please?? lol I am going to be transferring my job at Starbucks to the local one there and hopefully starting school soon. I'm leaving here (Georgia) July 31st and am so excited!!
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hey, well im new to this whole group but i saw your post about little rock. my boyfriend just left for basic but since he is in the air national guard he has been down to drill a few times in little rock. i live in arkansas about 2 hours from LR. im only 16..anyway idk much about the base. ive only heard good things about it from chris though. however, i love little rock. its a city, but not to big. i love going down to the river market. its the downtown area. usually on the weekends they have some sort of live music somewhere its a really good atmosphere especially for people about 18-30 or so. if ya got any questions msg me. i can try to get an answer from someone since i live so close:)