Kirtland Afb In New Mexico

Does anyone know anything about it? Housing on and off base, good restaurants, crime, etc? Any info would help alot!
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amen to that lol

It doesnt matter to me where we end up getting stationed, as long as he doesnt deploy all the time

lol well if he does get to pick Ian and I are hoping for somewhere in north Carolina or Virginia

idk what it stands for but its guarding missels and things that blow up or something lol

whats prp? and whatttt!! well if they do wanna send him somewhere else then i hope he comes to the east coast because thats where Ian and I will most likey be lol

well now chris might not be going to New Mexico. He has to go through all these extra security screenings because he is prp and they said his dept might disqualify him :(

No grass? wow how weird thats like my culture shock from my state to yours lol you have palm trees and all we have are oak and maple hahaha but new doggies are exciting I loved when Ian got Chief, he completed our little family together :)

haha sweet!! We think we will be in New Mexico for up to 5 years so I'm sure we will still be down there. I'm kinda getting less excited about it though. I was told there is not grass down there :( and chris is bringing his dog and we were getting another once we got down there. :(

well ian is actually going to go active lol and aparently after 2 years he can pick where he wants to go lol but downside is that he signed for 6 years but I guess I'll see... lol i said if he gets a chance to go to your base we're movin lol

lol we have to report down there November 3rd but we are probably going down earlier so we can find a place. I've already seen wife drama from that base and it looks like i will be just talking to Chris lol wish you were moving down there to :(

Well Jordan as I'm sure you know I know nothing about the base lol but when do you move? I keep forgetting to ask you but I never see you online anymore due to the lameo hours of my new job