Graduation & I Need Advice! Please

I know I haven't been on here in a while but there has been so much going on lately. It has been a week since I watched Kyle graduate from BMT. I can't even explain how wonderful it was to finally see him and hug him. It was the best feeling in the world and I was so proud of him. I hated saying goodbye, i started crying my eyes out because I just didn't want to leave his side again. But I wanted to say to everyone that is going through what I did...that it's defiantly worth it. Those two months without talking to him everyday was hell! But now he is in tech school and I talk to him everyday! Tech school is way better, now i just don't know what to do about after tech school. I have to make such a big decision in the next six to eight months or so. I just don't know if i should move in and marry him because it seems so impossible. I have been going to a community college at home, but i would love to be with him and thats what would make me more happy. I just want all my credits to transfer to a school were he's based at and i don't even know what my parents would think. I have been with Kyle for three years now and I love him. I just want to know your guys advice? I would really appreciate it!
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Some schools credits don't transfer so easily. I am in the same situation as you but I have already decided to marry my airman and move with him. I've been looking in to online colleges and they all offer pretty nice military discounts and Devry has a good degree plan where alot of your credits can transfer. Its a business degree and I'm not sure what your major is but I've been in college for 2 years and they told me they could transfer enough of my credits to where i would only have a year and a half of college left for my bachelors degree so thats something you might want to look into.