Getting Nervous

So my boy called today. He has been in tech school for 2 weeks now doing details and was suppose to start classes next week, but found out yesterday that he actually starts today. Also he's on swing shift and not very happy about that. He didnt even tell me until today because he was stressing thinking that I would be upset with him for having the night classes because he looked at it as harder for me to visit him that way??? I told him that he was crazy. lol. One he has no say in when his classes are so why would I be upset with him?? Also we didnt want planning a trip for me to stress him (he was stressed because at the time he was still phase 1 and didnt have much information about visiting and such, so we decided to put off planning it for a bit and just have less notice before I left, not a big deal), so I tol dhim that stressing about all this was just crazy! He was also upset because all the friends that he had made there have day time classes and he would never see them. But I was able to calm him down telling him that this way was better becasue 1 now he would have more time to study during the week without the distraction of his friends and he would still see them on he weekends (to which he saw my point) and 2 his roommate had already been on the swing schedule so now they didnt have to worry about waking one another anymore, and they would be able to hang out. Again he saw my point and even ended up getting lunch with his roomie today lol. (I swear what would he do without me? lol. So thats cool, I'm just a little overwhelmed now that I RECOUNTED the days and he's going to be done much sooner than I had originally thought, he'll be done with tech in mid September... by early October he will be stationed and I should be moving to him then.

He also should be getting his orders soon. This is what has me so nervous. He said that he has been hearing horror stories about Korea! 1, he says that this could turn into a very dangerous place soon, and 2 we're not married, if this is a place wives could even go, I can not. I'm really scared. While I knew that overseas was a possibility.. I never really considered it. I REALLY hope that he ends up in the states... or I will be destroyed! We've already done long distance for a year now and we have a few months to go. It was looking like the finish line before (for the most part) we get to be together daily again. Now.. who knows? But... for his sake on the phone I kept my cool, acted completely unworried by all this and just told him that we will deal with that when we got to it and not to stress about it now, he's just starting classes, he doesnt need to worry about that. I know if he is overseas he'll be terrified to tell me, so I'm gonna be even more stressed wondering he knows already and is just not telling me. probably try to casually ask about it daily. Does anyone know anything about wives and such being able to go to Korea? Or about being stationed overseas? I really just wish that I had more information. Like I said... i'm nervous...

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not everyone has to go to korea thats wrong it know for a fact and my hubbys cuz just got back from over there and sadly no you could not go <br />
and by the way they told him if he went he could pick his next base and only be there for a year he ended up being there 18 months and didnt get to pick but korea i not that likely it depends on his job mine got 2 1/2 hours from home so just all depends i was freaked to but it will be fine <br />
oh and you must be married to live with him because they cant live off base anywhere for the first two years unless married and overseas you can usually only have military housing <br />
hope i help some

from what i understand: <br />
every member of the airforce has to go to korea for six months. its mandatory. <br />
families CANNOT go to korea<br />
when you are overseas and coming back into the states, they will put you at a base on your list (1 of 5)<br />
<br />
again, this is just from what i understand & could be wrong. but i hope this helps (:

im not 100% sure about ex wants to go to korea because if they go there then they only have to be stationed there for a year, and then they get to pick where they want to be stationed next.he has told me both things.that i would get to go with him, and that i wouldnt.what i would do is look at the osan AFB pretty sure they have information on that.if you can go you guys would have to be married to live together on base, the AF is strict about have to be married to live together on base.i hope this helps! :)