Engaged.. :) But Need Some Advice..

So this past weekend I went to go visit my airman down at Brooks City-Base where he's stationed for Tech School. We visited this weekend because it was the weekend before my birthday (which is today! :D) because we couldn't visit the weekend after and of course he's busy during the week with classes.

And....well, he PROPOSED!! Saturday night after a fabulous and fancy early birthday dinner :) :) :) We've been dating for 4 years now, and I am so excited. It was perfect and the ring is gorgeous!

My only problem is my parents...and when to get married. My mom took the news well, but I told her first because she was the one who picked me up from the airport after visitng my Chad. I told my dad tonight...which was a lot harder. He's never liked Chad but has sort of come around to at least tolerating him, which is a lot better than it used to be. Obviously telling him we were now engaged was...scary as hell to be honest, lol. but it went over...ok. He just said that he wished he was as happy as I was. =/ Could have gone worse.

Now if it were just up to me, I would want to get married in a year. But my family all thinks I should wait until I'm done with college, which would be 3 years away. I think I'd settle for waiting 2 years. It means that Chad and I would have to work out a way to pay for my last year of school, but he said he could transfer his GI bill to me (I would be his spouse by then). We figured that I would go to school as normal that year but visit once a month and then stay with him on my school breaks (he would apply for housing since we'd be married). What do you guys think? Any advice? I really don't want to wait three whole years....I know there's really no rush to get married, but damn, I just want to be with him. The thought of being able to go home to him on my school breaks sounds wonderful and I know we could make it work. The question is, can I convince the people around me that it's a good idea? Blahh!!
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I'm was in the same boat. My Airman and I got engaged on his graduation weekend. Now, if I stay in school where I am now, I wont get my degree until at least 2013. When we found out that he is going to be stationed 5 hours away, I looked at the base site and found the schools on base and one of the schools on base offers my degree and I will be finished one calander year after we are married. We arent getting married until next August so I will be done soon! :) <br />
However, when some of my family found out, they werent too happy but they came around. You need to do what makes YOU happy and not everyone else. Eventually they will realize that and support you. Well, thats what happened to me and I can't say that will happen for everyone but I do hope that it happens with you as well. But when you find out what base he is going to, look to going to school on base. <br />
If you need any help. let me know! <br />
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Congrats to you and your airman! It is an amazing feeling!

You need to do whatever makes you happy. If your family will love you no matter what so do what makes you happy. Congrats on being engaged!!

You should do what makes you happy. Its your life! You have to live with the choices you make...not your family. i know it is hard not having their support, i'm in a similar situation. i think you need to figure out what would make you happy and do it, not worry about convincing the people around you. if they love you they should be happy for you as long as you are happy :)