Whats The Chance Of My Man Being Deployed..?

Quick question..

Chris is in the air national guard. He only has to go to basic for the full 8 1/2 weeks then tech school for 6 weeks. Hes going to be a loadmaster. I think thats what they call it. He only has to go one weekend a month to a base about 2 1/2 hours from us in Little Rock, AR to I guess just load planes and drill. He also just graduated high school this year and when he gets back from basic and tech he is going to start going to college.

so what are his chances of being deployed and/or sent somewhere away from me after basic and tech school?
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My boyfriend is also Air National Guard based out of the 109th Airlift Wing in Scotia, NY (Stratton ANG Base). I'm not sure what the odds of deployment are for Air Guard units, but I'm pretty sure it's just like Shawna said; if they need you, they will send you. The good news is that they usually ask for volunteers before they start volun-telling people to go, and usually they have enough volunteers that they don't need to force guys to go against their will.<br />
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I didn't know about the three month deployment instead of six months. That's good news! :D Good luck, babe!

My boyfriend is also guard. He told me its actually more common for the guards to get deployed than active. He didnt say anything about the 3 months thing though. Its nice that they get to be home not stationed somewhere but it sucks they get deployed more...I thought it would be the opposite. Im so jealous that your guys only have 6 weeks of training! Quinn is going to be a crew chief. He has 6 months of tech. Only 2 more to go though! I cant wait till he is home. But they cant get deployed until like a year or something like after when they graduated from basic, so Im hoping that Quinn will be in school then and then he is less likely to get deployed...although it could still happen. But you have a year atleast that you wont have to worry.

My boyfriend just went through BMT and also only has to go to tech school for 6 weeks. He is in the air national guard as well but his job is ammunitions. He told me that it is posible that he could get deployed. It really doesnt matter if you are national guard or active duty, if they need your job somewhere, they will send you. Good thing is national guard only gets deployed for 3 months at a time, instead of the normal 6-12 months for active! Hope this helps!