Anyone Else Had These Issues?

My boyfriend finally graduated BMT! He came home on Mondaay around 4 in the evening, (hes national guard) and I am so happy to have him back! ONly thing is, he seems a bit different. I mean, I guess its to be expected, I know BMT isnt mentally easy or anything, but it just worries me a little. Im not sure if he is just overwhelmed by coming back, but he seems a little more distant than usual. On Monday, all of us were vying for his attention, and I pretty much let his family have him, because I know they have missed him too. Yesterday, I had the day off so that we could spend it alone, and he wanted to play video games, and wanted to go to the bar to see all of his friends. So of course we went, and it was just akward for me I guess. We finally had time to spend alone, and he wanted to do all these other things...and he used to HATE going to the bar! I know it hasnt been very long since hes been back, but the letters that he wrote me while in basic just really got my hopes up for his return. He would cry on the phone to me about  how much he missed me and how he wanted to get married when he came back, and now, he hasnt even mentioned it. I dont know, i guess im just a bit worried that im going to end up one of the girls that gets broken up with.... Anyone else had any of these feelings when their airman first came home?
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Thanks ladiesd for all of your input. As time has gone by, hes loosened up alot. I now have my man back! It just took a few days to all fall into place. I just missed him so much and whe he first got back I was vying for attention, even though I tried not to be too overbearing. I think he was a little overwhelmed by everything at first, so hopefully this can future advise other girls in the future.

Yes, I agree. When my fiance got to spend time with us, he was very distant. A lot has to do with the fact that when they were in BMT, it was controlled and if he did one little thing wrong, it was push ups and running or whatever they did, lol. Right now, he is in tech school and he loosened up alot. Stay possitive and give it some time. :)

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Most of us girls go through something like you are describing! My fiance has also changed, Its not necessarily a bad thing but he just needs some time to unwind. Besides going to techschool right away and unwinding he is doing it back at home like going to the bar. Give him some time he will come around. I am sure it is a total culture shock for him to come back home since being in BMT is so controlled. Just be alittle more patient! he will come around. stay positive