Airforce Girls!

I'm new to this site and after posting my first story and reading other stories similiar and very different to my own, I would love for you guys to add me as a friend on here so i can stay connected with you all! Feel free!!
cyhall93 cyhall93
18-21, F
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will do ladies!

You can add me too if you would like!!

oh boo. i'll add you then, lol.

no, it still doesn't let me see your profile lol

i think i did it! lol.

you go up to the top scroll onto your username then it should drop down then click my profile then scroll down on that page to like profile settings or my public profile its one of the two and that should work lol i'm not that good at this site yet but i believe that is how you do it

Oooooops. Lol. How do I change that? lol.

we cant add you as a friend because your privacy settings prevent us from seeing your profile, where the link would be to add you lol :)