Oh My

ok ladies i dont know what to do now. adam just found out his for sure date to leave for basics its november 22. 2 days before my birthday and he'l miss thanksgiving and christmas and his birthday wich is on xmas. do i celebrate my birthday early? or do i act like nothings happened. pretty much im just asking what to do. ive been preparin for this day but i didnt know it was gonna be 2 days before my birthday. : (
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unending love i have to say that i think its pretty kool that we hav guys leavin pretty much at the same time. like you said were kinda in the same boat. and i like your party idea i think its cute. mabye well end up talkin more and who knows like you said end up goin to the same graduation. lol

My airman left on my birthday, he missed his 21st while he was there we had a party for him and he took me out to eat before we left. I wish he would have left before or after my birthday but i'm not gonna sit here and say its gonna be alright because its going to suck and you're gonna cry alot but dont worry because you're going to have one amazing weekend when he graduates. enjoy the time you have left because its going to be those moments that get you through, when I was missing Ian I shut my eyes and remembered our day trip to old forge a week before they took him away and cuddled up in the blanket he bought me and just cried. but you have the girls here if you ever need anything, were always here!

Hey its okay, My guy missed his 21st Birthday and My birthday as well, and Easter and Mother's Day. I think but I'm not sure they get to go to a local family's house on thanksgiving, kind of like adopt an airman. I've heard things from other girls that they let them call home and sort of have a day off on Christmas, but I think it might be different for everyone. As for your birthday you could celebrate both yours and his with a big going away party before he leaves. I wouldn't stress too much about getting gifts for each other, just enjoy the time you have together before he leaves.