Need Help With Graduation..

Chris is scheduled to graduate bmt on Fri, August 27. The run and other things will be on Thur, August 26. Im in a tough spot. The week he graduates from bmt is my first week back in highschool :/. I only get 6 days a semester to miss and that would be using 2 of them in the first week if i left on Wed night to be there on thursday morning. Also I'll be in some really tough AP and advanced classes this year to stay in my val-dictorian spot. Yea im a nerd. Oh and I also have basketball to worry about. Im in the running for a starting position on the varsity team. If I miss practice, I'll have to run a mile for everyday I miss which isn't a big deal, but I'll also lose my starting position. I don't mean to just talk about myself just getting details haha. I really really love Chris, and want to see him so bad. I say I would do anything for him, but do I risk missing to many days and my situation with bball. I also talked to Chris tonight and he really wants me to go but said he would definitely understand if i couldnt and to do what would be best for the long run..I also know that this is going to be a HUGE part of chris's life and don't want to miss it. He's such a great guy and has done sooooo much for me already!<3

Any suggestions/ advice? Anything at all.. Im so stressed and confused.
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talk to your teachers and coaches, I'm in college and my professors have been very understanding and have been working with me with have my phone in class and missing days... I'm sure if you approach them or email them they will understand! Hope it works out, I wouldn't miss his graduation for the world but thats just me.

The first week of school you dont do too much anyways..I'm sure you would have no problem making it up. And its not even bball season then, can they make you have mandatory practice when it isnt even the season? That doesnt seem right, what if you are in a different sport or something? I dont know, I would go if I were you, but thats your call.

Its a tough decision. It is one of many milestones in his life as well as yours. I would personally go, to celebrate with him on his big day. As you are a nerd, I am sure you will be able to make up on two days school work. Are you able to talk to teachers and get notes of the work you missed or maybe one of your friends. As for missing the basketball place.. again you work at it to get back your placing. However, its hard to go back sometime in the future thinking back and wishing you had gone to your boyfriends graduation. It will also give you both an opportunity to see each other. I imagine things will get tough for the rest of the year with the both of you having school and work commitments. Best of luck to you.. You did say - he understands whatever you decide. Will you forgive yourself if you missed it?

honestly, i would go but thats because I hated high school :P lol but you need to do whats best for you in the long run and plus you could always fly to where ever he is in tech school over columbus weekend because i believe that should be your first long weekend at least it is for us here in NY. Its great that he understands and you must have one special guy. I was actually in a similar situation with work when Ians BMT graduation rolled around i just accepted a new higher position at my work and i would be missing 3 shifts the first week, but I already had my plane tickets and my new supervisor honestly said that if i didnt go she would fire me! hahaah so needless to say I went!