I Miss My Airman

My airman just let for BMT on July 20th, and when he missed his connecting flight in Houston so he arrived at Lackland at about 1am.  Instead of waiting to call his parents on Saturday, he was made to call them at 1am which lead them to not being able to get his address!  I was absolutely crushed becasue I have been writing a long heartfelt letter to him, and now I cannot even send him the letters. 

We just got engaged a few months ago and the last few weeks, we were getting on each others nerves because he moved back home with his parents, who lived about 2 hours away from me.  I wanted to keep going to see him, but he said it didnt make sense for me to drive up there for a few hours and drive right back down.  We finally got everything back on track and when we went to see him get sweared it, we were all happy being together.  When he called me when he got to the airport and was telling me he loved me and everything.

Right now, he has been at basic for 5 days now, which the days have bee going so slowly.  I am just so scared that when he goes to basic and when he seeing me at graduation, I dont want him to think he does not want me anymore, I mean we have been through so much together, with my parents nasty divorce, which he always tells me " If I didnt love you, I would have left you when the divorce had started".  I know that means alot, but not being able to hear his voice every day or see him, I just feel my heart racing just thinking about him.  I am saying this because I am looking for people I can talk with who are shairing or who have shared my same experiences. 

One guilt I am having is because I started my new job, I wont be able to ask off for the Coin Ceremony or his graduation day.  I will be getting into San Antonio late Friday evening and leaving late Sunday evening.  I just am hoping that my Airman will understand, he said he did, but you know how some people say one thing but feel another.  I just want him to know how excited I am to see him, and how sorry I am I wont be there for his Airman's run or his graduation ceremony...Part of me is tempted to see what I can do to change my flight reservations and just take off work.  I do not want to put my new job in jeopardy, but at the same time, I love my airman so much, I dont want to miss this event, but dont want to put my new job in danger; I know he understand I just want to know that my Airman knows I love him and cannot wait to see him again.

I want to know, does the seperation really make the relationship stronger? And will he be so happy to see me when he has graduation weekend off? I guess what I am looking for are people who can relate to me and help me through these difficult 8.5 weeks.Thank you!

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Well my fiancé left for BMT June 17 and we recently had a baby girl. So I know how you feel I have been hired at several new jobs but I also show them that I been on the list for his graduation so it was planned before I got this job. He graduate August 15 I'm to excited

My boyfriend left September 3rd for Amarillo, then got on a plane the following day to Lackland. I've sent him a couple letters, and he contacted me on Facebook two weeks ago asking for some information, but other than that, its been a waiting game! His mom and I have gotten somewhat close in the past two months, and have really bonded over this experience. She contacted me the other day to let me know our visitor's passes came in, which made me squeal like a five year old!!

My airman leaves in June, we are both really young. I'm 16 and he is 19. But we've been together for 2 years. We've been through a lot already. But, I really don't wanna lose him. I wanna do something before he leaves to show him I'm.here. for the long haul, but I dunno.what

My Boyfriend left for Basic Training to Lackland on the 20th too!!!! ( i know im a litle late for this convo) but I know exactly how you feel. I couldnt make it to the graduation and i havent seen him since the 17th of July because i was on a family vaction that week. Its so hard and i miss him so much and it gives me comfort knowing somone else is in the same boat as me because none of my friends cant even begin to understand what im going through. Everyone says wow i cant belive your doing this blah blah blah. i just wanted to say thank you even though basic part is in the past. I wrote to my boyfriend ever single day when we was in basic. Thank you again

Aww yay!! Im so happy for you!! Its such a great feeling seeing their cell phone number or hearing their ringtone on your phone! My boyfriend writes ALOT so I'm pretty sure he writes when he isnt suppose to and he writes alot after lights are out at night lol. I hope you get your first letter soon! Its such a great feeling! Congrats again!

Hey ladies I wanted to let everyone know that my Airman called me tonight at 6:35pm. I have been on cloud nine ever since! I was napping and all the sudden heard my phone ringing, I looked over, and saw his cell phone was calling me! I thought I was dreaming, but I wasn't. i was in such shock I was screaming and talking so fast! I was just so happy to hear from him and ladies he said he got my first letter today and his eyes began to well up with tears. I am just so happy about this! He talked to me for the entire 15 minutes and had me call his parents. I was so happy about it and the 15 minutes felt like an eternity, but I just was so happy to hear his voice. Apparently he is in the toughest squadron, so the flight as a whole has been working hard, but still getting the concept of teamwork down.<br />
He was telling me he was a little scared about being washed back because he is having trouble folding clothes! Apparently that is a key thing part of graduation, but i told him he will not get washed back, he just has to keep practicing. I told him if he thinks he will get washed back, it will hurt his chances. Just to stay positive and keep working at it. Otherwise he seemed pretty well adjusted! <br />
I am just so happy he decided to call me and I got the entire 15 minutes to talk to him! I just cannot wait for him to get my other letters, and apparently his TI is pretty strict, but what TI is not. He did not have much to complain about, and I overheard the TI saying that they had to earn their writing time, so I am hoping that the team is able to get it together! <br />
Otherwise just saying that I am floating on Cloud 9 and was just so happy to hear my Air Man's voice!

Hey Honeywellgf56, Thank you for all that again. I bet since he missed his flight he wont be allowed to call for a little while. It happens but go figure. Also just to keep this short since it is so late, my face book is Kathryn Michelle, if you cannot find me, I can look you up as well. I am not sure what my privacy settings are on but let me know :-) Thank you again, it is so nice to read your advice!

I checked the mailbox every single day after Joe left and i didn't get any leters until Thursday July 1st! but i got 7 of them at once. Joe left on June 13th and i didnt get my first phone call until Wednesday June 23rd. I got my next call on Sat. July 3rd, then Sat. July 10th (so i expected him to call on Saturdays) But i didnt get my next call until Sunday July 18th and the last on i got was Sunday July 25th. They all came around 7 my time. which would be 4 his time. So don't lose hope, you are all he thinking about and you are keeping him strong :) tell him everyday how proud of him you are! (In one letter you may want to include the reasons why you are proud of him or the reasons you love him) and remind him in every letter that you love him and support him. I would always tell Joe about my day and what all i did, if anything funny happened, our chihuahua's just had puppies so i'm sent him some small picutures of them, i also look up jokes i think he would like just to make him laugh,i started the worlds lonest game of tick-tac-toe, and i write a quote at the bottom of each of the letters i write( song lyrics, something i've found on line, a nice Bible verse)I know it is not easy!!!! but remember you are at home surrounded by friend and family, he doesn't have that comfort just your words and a phone call once a week if they do not get in trouble. If you ever need anything post it! do you have a facebook?

Hey Girls, <br />
I am so thankful for this website because like everyone is saying, no one really understands what I am going through except ladies that hav been experiencing it. I am super happy I was able to get off for Friday as well! I just got his address today and sent out my first set of letters to him; now comes the part where I have to wait for him to write to me, and I am one of those people who hates to wait. I know I should be patient, but I guess there is that form of anticipation that he may not miss me or does not love me or something crazy like that. I know it is not true and I am merely being paranoid there, but you ladies know how it is. When your so use to talking to them every day, at least once a day, and then all sudden theres no communication, I feel so alone. I am so happy that I have this forum to talk about how I am feeling and getting feed back from everyone who is going through my experience!<br />
<br />
How long did it take your men before you received your first letters? I know he sent his postcard to his parents, because they have everyone's address, and have probably forwarded it to everyone in the family. It was funny his dad was joking telling me that he was going to sue for sexual discrimination because my Airman addressed his post card to "Mom" and not "Mom and Dad". His father has a funny sense of humor, but it made me smile a little. <br />
<br />
I have poured all my heart and soul into the letters I have been writing but I dont want them to be all about me and whats happening in my life. We have two kittens and he did ask for kitten updates, actually he said they were mandatory. I guess what I was wondering, is what did you all put in your letters to encourage your Air Man and just made them happy? Thats my main goal, is to make my Air Man smile each time he reads my letters! I cannot wait to hear back from everyone. Thank you so much again, you all have been wonderful!<br />
<br />
Also to AFgirlfriend513, I am so excited for you that you get to see your Airman soon! I cannot wait to read about how the Graduation went ;-D<br />
<br />
Also honeywellgf56, I promise the moment I am at the graduation, I wil document everything about it. Also when did you get your first call from your Air Man? I literally have my cell phone glued to my side, but I am so worried with my luck, I will miss his phone call lol I hope not, I have my fingers crossed!

i'm glad you were able to get off Friday :) I think he should understand that you cannot make it Thursday because of work. just stay strong! he needs you, just look forward to the letters and phone calls (keep your phone by your side all the time) :) Also, I'll be sure to write all about his graduation weekend!!! if you need anything else just post it, we are all here for you. we understand!

Thats why this website is a good thing. All the girls here understand exactly how you feel when your friends dont. Dont worry things will get better just stay positive!

Also one other note, I was able to get off Friday to see his inspection day and everything. I cannot take off Thursday for the Airman's run, but seeing him graduate on Friday will definitely be worth while :-)

Hello everyone who has messaged me, I want to just say THANK YOU! your posts have really helped me to see the bigger picture. I felt that I was all alone in this, and now I feel like there are other woman who I can talk to. Everyone of you, thank you so much for helping me coupe with him being gone, your support is really appreciated. I have friends who tells me he loves me and all, but I never felt they really understood what it was like to not be able to talk to him every night! I will keep you all posted on whats going on! <br />
<br />
Also to honeywellgf56, have a wonderful time seeing your Air Man I am so happy time was able to fly for you! I hope to read about how the reunion goes! :-)

everything will be fine (: if i were you i would try to get off work for his graduation, your boss may be understanding if you tell them the situation you are in. the first month was the hardest for me. my boyfriend left June 13th. i only have 18 days until i get to see him and i promise time will go faster than you think! my boyfriend and i were having some small problems before be left, i think it had something to do with the fact that we both knew he was leaving and we didn’t know how to deal with it. since he has been gone he had realized what all i have done for him and how much i have to care to stay with him and someday face the challenges that come with being a military wife. i was also worried about him not wanting me after going thought bmt. I promise he will want you more than anything! but just remember he doesn’t know anyone at bmt and he has a lot of time to think. just write him everyday!! even if you do not have a lot of time. and try not to burden him with your problems. You relationship will be stronger, everyone told me that at the beginning and I had a hard time believing it…but the separation does make your relationship stronger. Everything is going to work out exactly how it should. Just try your best to keep busy, write him every chance you get and stay strong for him, he needs you. If you need anything we are here for you (:

Hello, I will tell you my advice. My boyfriend left June 22nd and he graduates August 20th. Less than a month away I cant wait!! But let me tell you this, try your hardest to get off work. You'll regret it if you can't make it. And honestly, the first few weeks will be the hardest. Time will feel like its going so slow but the best thing to do is keep yourself busy. Trust me, it was really really hard for me at first but being around people and just doing something no matter what it is, helps so much. Another tip: dont count the days. On my calendar I have a count down and at first, I would cross off a day every night. and honestly, that makes it worse. Even though you know its one day closer, it reminds you of how many are left. Something I've learned to do is not to cross a day off for like 5 days. Then when you go to cross them all off, it seems like alot less days. It works for me. I remember crossing off days from like 55 and saying "omg i cant wait till its in the 20's" and now I have 25 days left. It goes by faster than you think, but it is hard. Just write to him every day all the time any chance you get. My boyfriend does the same and always tells me that my letters are what get him through everyday and gets him away from the place for a while. Anything else, just ask! Stay strong you'll make it!!