My Graduation Story.... Warning Its Long

So Wednesday we flew into San Antonio, i was so excited like a kid on Christmas eve! We went to the river walk which is a lot of fun so def go there when you go to graduation! Thursday I got my mans family up and to base really early so we would get good seats for the airman's run.... my man was in the second to last group running, i didn't spot him the first time around but his family did (he later told me he saw my looking for him my head going back and forth, he said he was laughing at me) the second time around i saw him!!!!!!!! i had a smile for ear to ear- he looked right at me and smiled for me to take a picture ( he was told not to look so luckily he didn't get caught! Right after the run i went to fast to the stands so we would get a good seat for the coin ceremony- got front row next to where his flight stood- the coin ceremony was nice and moving- best part ever was 5 simple words- "go and get your airman"- then i took off! i saw him and a huge smile went right across is face- then i ran into his arms!!!!!! best feeling in the world! he got a little teary and said oh my god babe iv been waiting for this! we hugged for much longer than you were suppose to- i couldn't kiss him (stupid no PDA rule) finally i broke away from him and said i should prob give him family a shot at him- he laughed and i walked him over to his family- Thursday we just did the base pass thing which and saw a movie ( car ride and movie while on base best thing bc you can get kisses and hold hands- no PDA rule there!) Friday was the parade then we got a town pass- we grabbed lunch then went back to the hotel and lucky for us his family knows what we do since we live together and we were given alone time- much needed boyfriend/girlfriend time and snuggles! We then went to dinner on the river walk at a steakhouse (he loves steak)then had to bring him back- sucks they cant sleep out :( Saturday was better bc he got a full day town pass- we went to the caverns then lunch at the river walk then back to the hotel for boyfriend/girlfriend time : ) too bad his TI made them all come back a hour early (hes a jerk) Sunday was a great day yet crappy day at the same time! the whole day i couldn't help but think this is our last day his tech school is 7 months-half at Kessler half at Sheppar. We went to the Alamo and Ripley's believe it or not then went back to the hotel for more boyfriend/girlfriend time- i cried a lot bc i didn't want to leave him again! Saying goodbye was the worst thing- harder than saying goodbye for basic- but i got a text that night and have talked and texted him a bunch today so i know it will be alot better- plus i get to see him in a month when i visit him in Mississippi- my bday gift from him :) -told u it was long- girls if you can go to graduation GO~ its the best feeling in the world~
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yay!im so glad that you had a good so happy for you!

Reading your story really makes me excited to see my Airman graduate, mind you I have to wait until September!! Ugh! I cannot wait to post my story about seeing him, I just need a time machine to see into the future...

..Hold that feel n deep in ur heart,and remember to stay and true ..Your Soldier will be count n on you..

Yay! That sounds like you had a ton of fun!! I can't wait to get to go to graduation!! I'm so happy for you though! You made it through the hardest part :)

Yes it is the best feeling ever! I loved going and hated going home. They get to talk a lot more in tech school. I get to talk to my airman every other, if not every, day. Its great. And sometimes its not much but to me, its everything!