Just Got Back From Graduation!!!!!

IF YOU HAVE THE CHANCE TO GO TO HIS GRADUATION, DONT EVEN DOUBT IT! It was such an amazing experience for the both of us.

On Wednesday, after the long flight, I finally made it to SAT, After a couple of hours, I suggested going to base to check out the place and learn our way there... When we got there.... I felt so excited knowing we were both in the same place! We couldn’t go in... but it did serve to know where everything would be located.

Soon after that, I texted Sarah, Tera, and Jenn (other EP members) to see how we would meet up, since we wanted to have a sign-making party lol. They came to pick me up and we headed to Michaels. It was so much fun meeting with them and catching up. None of us had ever met each other but we had gotten really close. When we were on our way to Michaels, Mikhail called me!!! He asked how the flight had been and we talked for a little… then he tells me he has a surprise for me!!!!! HE MADE THUNDERBOLT!!!!!! I screamed!!! I knew that meant he had town pass on Sunday too!

When we got back to the hotel, we started making the signs. It was so much fun… we were laughing like crazy and at the same time freaking out about the next day. All the signs came out beautiful!

On Thursday, we woke up really early and I was so anxious. We made it to base at 7 am but we didn’t go to the briefing since we pretty much already knew all the info they’d give us. The girls and I got together and got good spots for the Airman’s Run. We waited there for a while, but once we say them coming…. OMG!!!!! Everyone cheered and screamed! I actually got to see Mikhail and he said he got to see my sign from the corner of his eye! He looked so different! He’d gotten buff and tan and well, BALD! Lol

We then quickly went to find good spots. Tera and Sarah went together and Jenn and I paired up, since our airmen are in the same squadron. We got to seat first row! It was a reaaaaaally long wait, but let me tell you, its ALL WORTH IT! We saw them marching coming our way, and as soon as I spotted Mikhail, I started crying!!!! To be honest, when I saw him, I was kind of in shock: he had this look on this face! He looked mean! I wasn’t sure if he’d seen me but I was thinking OMG MY BF HAS A SCARY FACE! I kept taking a million pictures of him in formation… and then the time finally came: “GO FIND YOUR AIRMAN!!!!”

I jumped and forgot about everyone else! I got to him and hugged him and kissed him. He smiled and was so happy to see me, his sister and his mom. The three of us started walking…but things felt weird… I really don’t want to scare you guys… I will explain later. Well… as of the PDA rule… I WASN’T EVEN ALLOWED TO LINK ARMS WITH HIM… I suggested for us to go to the car and drive around, thinking I’d get to be all over him lol but that didn’t really happen. We went to the car, and he didn’t even held my hand! He was paranoid! Thinking his TI would see him… this really got to me… and he apologized but didn’t really change much… he was stiff. We went to eat at the mini mall… and he ate so much! I was trying to not let things get to me as much. We talked, we laughed…we walked around and got dogtags! We got one with a picture of us kissing (they’re allowed to kiss on the picture if they take it in the store in front). We got two of them, both had our pictures in the font and his had engraved in the back I LOVE YOU, Conny, and mine I LOVE YOU Mikhail both in Spanish.

After that, we walked more and he was loosening up. Him and I went to get ice cream while his mom and sister went somewhere else. We sat down, and talked. IT WAS AMAZING! He was his old self again. There were times where we’d just look at each other for minutes…and in our eyes, the love for each other was reflected. We laughed and joked around, things were definitely better! All along, we kept running into people from his flight and they all knew about me! And they kept telling me that he was the only guy who stayed up way after lights out just to write to me and he never stopped talking about me… =D

On Friday, we made it to the parade and we got to see him right as his flight was marching to get into position. When they said we could look for our airmen, we all ran to go meet him… but we got separated along the way. I kept looking from side to side, I was desperate! I was asking guys from different flights where the 331 TRS was until one guy goes, OH YOU’RE LOOKING FOR MIKHAIL!!! He showed me to him and mik’s eyes lit up and I ran to his arms! Minutes later we reunited with his sister and mom. Only I went to the open house and I got to see where he slept and he showed me everything in his drawers! Even my 32 letters!!! We had to leave and wait about an hour to see him again and get him for town pass. We went to the County Line for BBQ and then went back to the hotel. We all went to the pool. Then he asked his mom for us to get alone time and after that we took him back to the base.

On Saturday, we picked him up and went to the hotel. We got dressed and went out on a tour on the riverboat and took a million and one pictures. BTW, although you can show no PDA, Mikhail and I would just flirt with our eyes all the time! Lol I swear this made things so much better! BTW, on Friday as soon as we got out of the base, he hugged me really tight in the car, which was something much needed. After going to dinner, we went back to the hotel and got ready for the WNBA game. It was such a good idea because he got to stay 3 hrs past curfew. We had a great time!

Sunday, we didn’t really want to do much. We wanted to go to the Catholic service but didn’t make it there on time so we just left base. We went to the hotel and his mom wanted to go to the market square. She insisted on taking his sister…but she refused to go…UGH! We really wanted that alone time… but she got grumpy and said she was tired…but soon fell into a deep sleep lol. Mikhail and I just forgot about it and really enjoyed each others company. It was amazing! We missed each other so much! Then we both took a nap and ordered pizza. We went back to base to drop him off… such a sad part but all this time we had assured each other of our love and we knew we had nothing to worry about.

BTW, WE ARE ENGAGED TO BE ENGAGED!!! HE GAVE ME A PROMISE RING AND AHHH WE ARE BOTH SO HAPPY!!! I'm sorry this was such a long story and believe me there are many things I'm leaving out! But all I have to say now is MAKE IT TO YOUR AIRMAN’S GRADUATION! It will be such an amazing experience! I know it was for us.
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lol no... no pda while you're on ba<x>se... its sucks but you'll learn to master it lol

i cant wait to see my baby:) sooop no pda? like anywhere?

Awww :) TRUST ME YOU WILL HAVE A BLAST AT YOUR AIRMAN'S GRADUATION!!! Dont worry too much about the NO PDA thing... although it SUCKED at first, we were like flirting with our eyes all the time and giving each other "the look" lol We had to fight for our alone time, but it wasnt the highlight of the weekend so dont worry if you're not able to spend alone time with him. The important thing is that YOU'RE GOING!!!!! :D When does he graduate??<br />
<br />
To answer your question, yes I did make a sign, and HE LOVED IT! (I had to carry it with me back home b/c he wanted to have it lol) You should make a sign! Im sure he will love the idea! Btw, Message me for anything :) It's always good to have someone to talk to and even vent with ;) GOOD LUCK!

I loved your story!(: It made my eyes get watery! I couldn't cry because I'm in class right now lol. But wow it sounds like you had a blast. Just thinking about my airman's graduation gets me nervous!! The whole NO PDA thing sucks!! At least you guys got alone time. I don't think we're going to have much of that! His mom, dad, two sisters, nieces, nephews, my mom, my step-dad, and little sister are all going!!!!! >:/ But I'm just going to be happy to see him so it's okay!(: So did you make any posters for your airman? I'm thinking of making him a goody bag and posters...

Thank you :) Yeah we prob were! Did he leave on May 23rd? How was your graduation experience?<br />
Well, he's at Sheppard right now. He's a crew chief for the F16s how about your airman? To be honest, I am hoping tech gets better. His school doesnt start until the 23rd so he will be doing details.... he has been waking up at 4 and going to sleep around 11PM... so we have talked for 6 mins the first night and 10 yesterday.... what can you tell me about your experience?

I think you must of been there when I was there for my airman. I just got back home monday. I'm glad you had such an amazing time. Congrats to you and your airman. It def was a once in a lifetime experience. How is tech school going for you guys so far?