Trying To Make It To Tommorow

     I am an 18 year old high scholl graduate, and my boyfriend of almost a year just swore in today. The realization that he was really leaving for three months just kicked in two days ago, i cannot describe the shock on his face when he was teasing me by asking things like "whos gonna play with your hair when I'm gone? or tickle your feet, or cuddle with you" and i suddenly was silent for a few seconds, he knew what was coming as i suddenly burst into tears and started sobbing.
     his flight is not at base yet and he is still texting me for now, but it is a terrifying feeling having the knolwedge that over the next 8 1/2 weeks the only contact i will have with him are a few short calls or letters. i know that im sending him a letter a week with entrys from everyday telling him what im doing and that i miss him and hope hes doing okay and that in the first letter im going to put in a couple of my senior pictures but im not sure if there is anything else i can do to make him feel loved since he is worried that the TI's will read the letters aloud and i dont want him to be embarassed by sappy stuff...any advice given would be so greatly appreciated.
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not sending dirty pictures though lol dont worry. I would NOT want those getting to anybody but him ;)

wow thank you so much everybody, i still have to send the pics though cause he actually requested them lol. i guess a positive part of all of this is at least I'm getting my room and my grandparents and moms house organized. when i get upset i clean alot lol. once I get his address I'll ask him how he would feel about getting letters everyday, he has heard horror stories about the TI's and I"m really mad about his recruiter cause he fed him crap, saying that he would eat burgers and pizza regularly and I heard a marine recruiter talking before my grandparents and I watched him swear in and that was apparently a huge load of crap. I;m trying to keep everything in the letters positive and letting him know all the stuff I'm doing. hes scared that i wont live my own life when ever hes gone to basic or tech school or when he gets sent to base, hes scared i'll just sit around moping and waiting for him all day lol. I have been writing him through the day so i don't forget anything and then just writing it all out in a way that makes sense before I go to sleep. I got to talk to my cousin today, that helped alot :)

oh and the TI wont read the letters if they are just letters- so dont like put a little heart or anything on the envelope, dont send a card that sings (my mans buddy got one and was busted up by the TI), only send letters (if they get gifts or anything the TI will not only make him suffer but the whole TRS which will not make him any friend, again some kid in my mans TRS got cookies and the whole TRS had to do pushup until he ate them all in one sitting), dont send dirty pictures.

We've all been there girl. And I'm not gonna lie, its rough. My boyfriend is in week 3 of basic right now and the past 3 weeks have been the worst weeks of my life. But it does get better, I promise. The first few days are rough, I cried ALL THE TIME. But after you get that first letter and your first phone call, it gets so much better! Just to know that he's thinking of you and missing you just as much as you're missing him is so comforting. And I've learned not to expect anything. That way when you actually do get a letter or call, its so amazing :) Just know that you aren't the only one going through this, we're all going through it together. And we're all here to support one another :) This site has helped me so much, the girls are really supportive and I've also learned a lot too. Feel free to message me about anything! I'm always here to talk :)<br />
Stay strong girl, it'll be over before you know it.

hey girls- the first two weeks were the hardest on me and also week 4 was hard bc it was like wow its only half over - but after that it really does get easier- KEEP BUSY! i know all you want to do is sit around and cry but that wont help- it will just drive you crazy- get out and go something! WRITE EVERYDAY! it really will help you and him alot- for me it was my way of talking to my man everyday and for him he said it was the one thing he looked foward to each day bc he knew i was writing one everyday- He also said my encouragement and love in my letters gave him motivation for BEAST week- so keep the letters POSITIVE! they need all the suppose they can get right now- tell him you love & miss him but dont say how you are crying or having a really hard time bc he is having an even harder time- so always be positive! Use this site to vent- Im not going to say the time will fly by bc for me it didnt but it does go by and you get through it- that moment you get to see him at graduation makes the whole wait worth it! its the best feeling in the WORLD! The next step will be tech school which is soooo much better- my man has only been there a couple days (his tech is between 6-7 months) but iv talked to him 4 times today- 2 times yesterday (we were both flying all day)- and texted alot both days! Good luck girls! Stay strong! it will totally be worth it in the end!

hey hun. we have all been there. and it is tough. but just take it a day at a time. just get through 24 hours and then focus on getting through the next 24 hours!! and as for the letters thing, send them everyday! not just once a week.. because sometimes the TIs hold the letters so if you have more than one envelope, he will get it sooner =) also dont add anything extra on the envelopes, dont send any bad pictures, and dont send anything but letters.. =) otherwise he will have to do pushups to even get the letters.. :) just a few helpful hints.. also know that its hard but you can do it! we are always here for you! stay strong hun~