Keesler Afb Anyone Have Or Had A Bf At Tech School There?!

I think they have a weird phase program- how long did it take to have them phase up and be able to stay off base for the weekend!? my man started this week and wants me to visit sept 3-9 will be be able to stay the the hotel with me?
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if anything add me on face book ill explain it better lol

if anything add me on face book ill explain it better lol

if i did a good job *

my husband got to keesler on july 5th and he barley started his classes this past monday so they had him doing details (like pulling weeds and such) but jus fyi if they dont start school right away dont worry they still progress threw their phase starting the day they get to the base...the whole transitional phase system thing depends on their squadrons and how long they are husbands schooling is nearling a year and half long so his phase is 4 weeks long..(the difference from other bases is they arent cut up in 3 phases..its only 1 phase so if he messes up he would have to start all the way from the start of his 4 week phase other bases there are 3 ..2 weeks for phase 1 and if they mess up they start from the start of phase one..then once they get to phase 2 thats also 2 weeks but if they mess up during phase 2 they start from the start of phase 2..get it?) anyways back to keesler they jus have one to get threw..but like i said it depends on the squadron and the length of schooling..cuz my husbands is 4 weeks but one of his buddys is 3 weeks and another budy of his is 2 all depends.. but what i do know is its not longer than 4 husband is going to be in AIT (thats when he gets out of the transition phase and is able to go off base and everything) but hes goin to be in AIT next week so hes on his final week of his phase..they have to get 2 inpections both room and uniform..and pass husband..if that doesnt make sense let me know and ill try to explain it better im not sure if i need a good job lol

I just got back from my Airman's BMT graduation. He's now at Keesler AFB for the next 5 months. I"m trying to figure out how the system works there, since I've realized they don't go by the phase system. He hasn't found out too much info so I'm trying to do my own research. He says he's only there for 2 phases or periods. So once he gets to the second phase am I allowed to visit and can he stay at a hotel with me? It was so hard to say goodbye again and I'm really trying to readjust to him being at tech school. Thank God he can at least call. Also we are not married right now but I was wondering if anyone knows anything about living arrangements after tech, do we have to be married?

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My boyfriend started there on July 12 and today was his first day that he was allowed to go off base. I'm not absolutely sure about the weekend thing. As far as I understand they have two phases ITP and ATP. I dont remember what they stand for (inital and advanced something), but ATP is the phase where they are allowed to go off base. My boy just had his briefing for ATP a day or two ago but I haven't really talked to him because he has been busy studying, so I can't really tell you any more information. I hope I helped a little bit! hah.