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i'm a 17 year old girl who lives in a small town in georgia called saint marys. i moved here about a month ago and my fiance lives back home in cape cod massachusetts. we've been together for a year and 2 months, weve been engeged for 3 months. (: hes going into the airforce soon and its tearing me apart. :( i dont know what to do or what to expect. being away from him from the move is hard enough and now i have to deal with this. he left 3 days ago from visiting me and i might see him 1 more time before he goes off to bootcamp :/ this pain is so hard to deal with and sometimes i find myself not even being able to get out of bed sometimes. i need someone to talk to and i need advise.. theres still no date as to when hes leaving..
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Your welcome! Any other questions, just ask!

hang in there sweetheart, I know where your coming from and it is hard and scary but at the same time think of it this way, hes doing this to protect the people he loves and he obviously loves you. think of him as your dream comic book hero :) sorry terrible analogy but as my bf left i told him that he was better than a comic book super hero so think of it that way. <br />
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Also thankyou airforce girlfriend, your advice helped me a bit about understanding how the calls work, i really appreciated it :)

thank you guys so much for helping me :'( both your advise made me cry :/ ha, i'm trying my hardest to be really strong through this.

Oh and 1 more piece of advice, write to him AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. My boyfriend tells me all the time my letters are what help him through each day and they help get him away from the place for a while. I write almost every day. So just make sure you write all the time. Its something for him to look forward to. The letters take a little longer for them to get it because the TI's withhold on if they screw up and might not give them the letters right away. But he will get them and it will help him ALOT.

Hello, my boyfriend left June 22nd and he graduates on August 20th. So I have less than a month left. First thing, is try and see him as much as you can before he leaves. Im not gonna lie to ya, it's really hard at first. The first couple weeks are the worst. Because you probably won't hear from him for like a week and a 1/2-2 weeks. My boyfriend got there on June 22nd, which was a tuesday night and he got to make a scripted address phone call on that Friday i think it was. It was like a 5 minutes phone call. They call and say hurry up and get a piece of paper and pen and they tell you the address of where to send him letters to. Then they have like a 1 minute scripted thing they have to say like "dont send food" and stuff like that. Then they have to get off the phone. They only get 1 phone call to someone to tell their address too and my boyfriend called me. Dont be offended if you dont get the call. Most guys call their parents. I got my First letter then on July 1st. But word of advice, do not expect anything. When they can call and when they can write is up to their TI's (training instructors). Some girls have only gotten 4 or 5 letters throughout the whole boot camp process, and some have gotten alot more than that. Me, on the other hand, I've gotten about 13 so far and I'm, just over half way done. All of them are anywhere from 3 to 7 pages long. As far as phone calls, I've gotten 3 so far. 4 including the address phone call. The first phone call he got was 15 minutes. He talked to his parents for like 2 minutes just so say hi and that he was doing ok then called me for the rest of the time. The second phone all, he was suppose to have 20 minutes. So he called his brother first for 10 min then when he called me to talk for the other 10 minutes, after about 3 minutes, they made him get off the phone. and the third phone call was only 5 minutes. He called and said I only have 5 minutes, my flight screwed it up for us in the last 2 hours. So just don't expect anything. All my phone calls were on the weekend but other girls on here have gotten them during the week. Just never expect anything. And remember that if one person in his flight (group) screws up and gets phone time taken away, the whole flight gets phone time taken away. If you expect stuff, you will just get disappointed if you dont get anything. But with the writing, some guys write at night after lights are out and when they arent really suppose to be writing, which is what I think my boyfriend does. He writes the time on every letter he writes and most of them are in the evening about 6 oclock and at night after 930 when lights are off. Just be patient and remember its not forever. Its only 8 1/2 weeks. After the first month, time will start to move a little faster. Sorry this is so lonng, I'm just tryin to let you know what it's like and how thing work a little bit. If you have any questions at all, just ask. :) Things will be alright.