Been Awhile..

yeah it has been quite a while since I have posted anything. It took a long time to get Ryan through all of the MEPS processing, considering he had to go back 4 times! UGH but finally he is sworn in :-) and he was just waiting on a date. WELL finally he has gotten one. November 23rd, as of right now (because I am quite quickly learning how fast everything can change completely when dealing with any part of the military..haha) is his shipment date. It is obviously bittersweet. I know he is anxious to go so I really wanted him to get started, but also of course at the same time I will miss him terribly. Just know that within the next couple months I will definitely be on here more often.

You guys have already given me so much support and in only the beginning of this journey, so thank you. Looking forward to the future to come. Hope all are doing well. You guys are in my prayers every night, asking God to give us all strength.

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Jul 28, 2010