Ladies.. (update & To Those Who Are Going Through Basic..)

hey ladies. just a little update.. matthew is still at tech.. he is now on block 4 out of 6 sooo we are almost done.. ( the 3rd block was the longest so all downhill from here.. =)) and he will be home in sept,, and i get to go visit him august 18th so i am super excited! He has been doing awesome at tech school.. even setting school records for firefighter pt tests and stuff.. and i could not be more proud! tech school is soooo much better than basic! so everyone who has someone in basic, it does get better! just hang in there... 

i also just wanted to say some stuff to the girls who are just starting basic.. it seems like theres alot of you right now.. just hang in there.. its tough.. but its do-able.. and it will be okay.. feel free to come on here and vent or just talk cause we have all been there.. & noone else really understands.. even if they try. also make sure you WRITE WRITE WRITE! every day! i wrote my boyfriend over 60 letters while he was at basic ( if i was having a bad day i would write him twice.. ) & try to stay positive.. you can tell him  you miss him but just follow it by something like cant wait to be in your arms.. also make sure you reassure him.. they like to play mind tricks wiith guys and they hear about their buddies girlfriends cheating on them or breaking up with them at basic so just tell him you arent going anywhere.. dont send anything but letters to him.. anything else he will get put through hell for.. (maybe slip him some pictures just keep them clean ;) other than that, take it one day at a time.. try to stay busy! & let it out every once in a while..

ps. this quote is made for military girlfriends.. (atleast i think so.. )

its true, i never thought i could do this.. but hes worth every second!
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Thanks ladies.. i am very blessed because my boyfriends tech school was only 14 weeks.. :) <br />
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clevelandroks8- thanks i love being down there.. its not much to the base or the city. but being with him is amazing..i wish you could go down and visit.. & even if it is money probelms, you guys might be able to figure something out.. ;) i am just lucky that my boyfriend has paid for both trips.. (well i pay for the rental car and he pays for the flight and hotel) but i am crossing my fingers you will get to visit soon too!<br />
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rocco1212- your welcome. i know how i felt when he left.. & i thought tech would be worse cause of some of the stories.. but its not! its sooo uch better! just hang in there. it does get better..

I saw your pictures on facebook you're so lucky to head to goodfellow twice! ian still has 85 days left but he's in block 2 now... i wish I could head down, i'd love to see where our men are! I love the quote its so true!!!

Yay!!! So exciting! I can't wait till Dan will have a set date to be coming home