Crappy Friends

I am lucky enough to have my best friend married to an Airman. She understands how it is. I work with a friend of mine and lately I have been very stressed out because I'm trying to plan a wedding and worry about my fiance leaving to be stationed in California. The other day at work I was talking about him leaving in a month.

My friend looked at my friend and said its going to be so hard when he leaves its going to be hard from seeing him every weekend to seeing him every 6 months. She looked at me and said well you knew it was coming, you deserve it because you found a guy in the Air Force.

I was shocked when she said that to me. I feel so alone going through all of this. It sucks so bad when people I think are my friends and they say stuff like that...
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ok first of all not to disrepect your friend or anything, but this is to support you out. so here it goes. <br />
Even though it is hard to ignore that , dont let that make you think twice bc obviously your in control of your own life not her. She doesnt pay the bills for you, or make your relationship better w/ your man when you guys are having hard times. <br />
Sometimes, it can be that she didnt mean any harm of offense to what she just said, but in my opinion I would of been pretty upset too and prob handled it in a diff way but ,Being with a military guy has its ups and downs. ... sometimes mostly downs because they're mostly far away, but that can relate to a lot of other relationships that involve a lot of traveling as their careers. in the end it all results in what you decide to do next i think in my opinion. <br />
but any whos lol, shes probably slightly jealous that you are happy with all the obstacles you've overcome just to be with your man... idk u never really know what can happen next so dont let anything stop you.

My best friend totally ditched me since she got married 3 months ago. I've been trying to get a hold of her to do something for 5 months now and she's always too concerned with herself and her husband. She knows the situation I'm in and how I'm ALL alone and she obviously doesn't give a damn. It's a shame.<br />
My b/f has been gone since january and she couldn't even go for coffee with me because she's all wrapped up in being a newlywed.<br />
I wish us girls in this group lived close to each other so we could hang out and empathize with one another through the good and the bad! I feel like I have NO ONE. The weekends are the worst for me... :<br />
I'm 25...and everyone is sort of starting their own lives and going their separate ways, it's very strange. Sorry, slightly off topic there....

hello. just wanted to tell you that i know exactly how you feel. i lost my best friend through the whole experience of matt going to basic.. she knew he was leaving.. and how upset i was about it, and yet she was sooo bisy with her own boyfriend that she would ignore my phone calls.. and when i did get ahold of her, she would say wow it must be nice to have a break from him. & i think its awesome that he cant call you.. i wish i could get that every once in a while ( now mind you her bf and her were dating for like 3 months.. and i was not happy with her commments) & then on top of that when i talked to her, it was all about her.. no matter what i said, she would trun it into being about her. like for example, im in nursing school and i was like man my classes are kicking my butt, she would jump in and be like well you should try to be in my beginning sociology class.. and i was like i have taken that class.. & she would say well you dont understand how hard it is.. (& she would talk about it for like 10 min.) so anyway i told her that i didnt like her comments about my boyfriend leaving and this was hard for me.. and she was like oh im sorry.. and i was like well i really need yoru support through this. PLEASE. and shes like i understand.. then for the next 3 weeks i couldnt get a hold of her.. and when he left, (which she knew the day he was leaving) she wouldnt answer my calls.. so i was like you know what, thats not a best friend.. she doesnt care about me at all! so i just stopped talking to her.. and she never tried to get ahold of me.. pretty great best friend huh? <br />
<br />
anyways sorry i got WAYYY off topic there.. just wanted to tell you not to be discouraged by the people who dont understand.. i mean i can honestly say i didnt understand before i was put in this situatiion.. of course i wouldnt have said rude comments, but its still very difficult.. the good thing is this will tell you who your real friends are! & you always have us to talk to!