Two Weeks<3

So I've been counting down the days! My Airman graduates from BMT in exactly 2 weeks!! I am so excited! I can't believe I haven't seen him in over a month! Thank god for college and my job! Those two kept me busy!:) Okay so here's a little update, I've been receiving about 2-3 letters from my Airman every week and I talk to him every Sunday! He's in BEAST right now, I hope he's doing great! He still has the highest PT score in his flight :D and he improved his running time.(: I'm so proud of him! I love him soo much! Okay one thing I've been thinking about is what is the tech school curse?? Can somebody tell me what that is? Soon my boyfriend will be going to tech school and well I'm just curious to know what goes on during Tech School..
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August 13th from Lackland :)

Yes he does.:)) when does your Airman graduate?

does your boyfriend graduate august 13th?

Thank you so much!(: Well the good thing is me and my boyfriend have an understanding. We made an agreement on going out with friends so I hope it's not an issue while he's there.:/ And yes I trust him with my life! We've been together for a year and one month, we've learned so much about one another, he's my best friend he's everything to me. I know he wouldn't do anything outrageous to hurt our relationship. He's going to be in Lackland for Tech School also. He's going for Security Forces. And yes taking it day by day helps! Time goes by faster:) and Congrats on making it this far!! I bet Tech School is way better because you can talk to your airman(: thanks for the advice I'm going to keep that in mind, he's going to want time with friends.

first of all CONGRATS! you seem to be doing great! <br />
<br />
and as for the tech school curse, its basically when the guys go to tech, they are just getting used to their increased freedom from basic, and we are just gettng used to having them back to talk to.. and it can cause some problems sometimes.. but i have not experienced this tech school curse yet.. basically if you love and trust your boyfriend.. and you have an understanding for the fact that they want to have time with friends and stuff, then it will decrease your chances of having to deal with the tech school curse.. :) im not saying that you wont exerience it, cause you still might.. but it helps.. where is your bofriend goig for tech? oh and. ps. just try to remember that your relatonship is different than everyone elses.. and take it a day at a time.. i was really nervous going into tech cause i read all those stories.. but i just took it a day at a time.. & tried to be understanding that he was busy with school and wanted to hang out with friends.. and before i knew it im here.. over half done with tech, going to see my boyfriend in 20 days and he will be done with tch in 47..